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Biggest seal clubber?

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I'm just amazed. I saw how he has 2 games where he's gotten 14 kills. He's played 17 tanks total. He on a fairly well known team. I've blocked out player name and clan. I ran into a game with him on the enemy team but we won anyway.


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This is not official forums..you don't have to block out the name




pretty sure these guys are the biggest seal clubbers

Holy fuck

Nevermind the name, I can't see shit at 180x100 resolution.

Wait it appears large for me. Not for you guys???

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I wonder how pissed off he is now that the BT-SV is on sale to the entire server..........


Shit can't wait for War Gaming to sell the PZ2J, god that would be great :)

One of my friends got the BT-SV. He never won games until I tooned with him in my T-127 that I would solo 74% in,


Also yeah they will never sell the PZ2J for the server because it's too extreme. I got clubbed by one a couple of weeks back.

yep. Fine for me as well

Yep Haswell needs a new computer. Who wants to be included as sexy calendar models to raise proceeds?

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