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Looking for a clam, oysters also welcome. [SEA Server] (Because this appears on front page and people click it)

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From quite some time ago, I had planned to leave my old clan for a better one. But I promised myself that I wouldn't join a clan until I reach at least blue status in stats and get a tier 10 tank (which is of course, needed in clam kriegs)


Unfortunately, my plan of "slow and steady" growth as compared to tank rushing has left me with almost 9000 games and still no tier 10 tank, but gave me ample time to go up multiple lines and getting better at the game over the course of grinding those lines.

Now, about me, you can probably tell by my stats under my profile that I am a blue, but here are a few extra details that might be interesting.

  • I currently have a tier 9 Leopard PTA, I am just 7k exp away from unlocking the Leopard I and will probably unlock it by the time the two day "you can't join a clan yet" period has passed.
  • I have unlocked the Leopard I but not yet bought it and retrained a crew for it.
  • I have multiple tier 7s and some unlocked tier 8s. I have unlocked the STA-1 and Panther II.
  • I unfortunately lack silver therefore I have issues moving up some lines.
  • The silver issue is to do with me not having much gold (I haven't spent a penny on the game). Which is partially why I want to join a clam, to perhaps get some gold to at least buy a premium tank to boost income.
  • I do have a small amount of gold set aside for demounting that I have earned in events. I am going to use a portion to retrain 100% crew to my Leopard I (which will have 3 crew skills)
  • I have a penchant for playing alone. The number of platoon based awards I have is countable on one hand, 4. I testify that my 55% recent was more or less based on 90% solo.
  • My solo play is due to my old clan mates being pretty bad, which kind of became a habit. I have no qualms playing in platoons either though.
  • I am more used to mediums and light tanks than heavy tanks.
  • I have Teamspeak and have no issues using it.
  • I am a nice person.
  • I am pretty good at cooking instant noodles.

In case anybody wants to know about my status on the forums, I have the following track record:

  • I have been 3 day RO'd for saying the word "Cancer"
  • I have been warned for "Naming and Shaming" my own alt account.
  • I have been warned for making a snarky comment about having somebody "update their bot program to the latest version". The reason I was warned because of "discussing illegal programs".
  • I have been 7 day RO'd and given 100 warning points for promoting Microsoft Solitaire.


So yeah, anybody wants to give me a home?



Edit: Quick! Insert disclaimer in title before more NA people think that I am a viable recruit!

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I would post in your recruitment thread if I wasn't RO'd.



If you apply to KAC I'll vouch for you.

He's alr RO'd


Thats enuff for KAC koalafication methinks :P


But seriously though, you could pull a schwarzman, he used to be a player like you, 20k battle I think or something and only 1 or 2 tier 10 but lots of tier 8 and 9.

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