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The WZ-111 & if you should be getting one.

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I want to keep this short and sweet as I've only played a few games in the WZ-111, it's not going to be the most reliable review on earth but I want to answer the question: "Should you be grinding your ass off to get one?". That being said, I do have a little bit of experience with 1500 games in other pref mm T8s. As of now, the WZ-111 seems to be a grand compilation, a blend of the absolute best that the T8 prefs have to offer. Note: I've not played the WZ-111 1-4, so can't say that you wont be disappointed compared to its daddy. Also, I don't have tank inspector/won't be downloading it for this preliminary review.


Preliminary ratings:


Armour: 9

Mobility: 8

Firepower: 7

In tier effectiveness: 9.5



Amazing potential, the upper plate is insane, correctly angled and you'll be bouncing all of the scary guns in tier 8 - a problem that the IS-6 faces but can't resolve, say goodbye to the fear of T34/Lowe/IS-3s etc. The lower plate is monumentally shit, expect to be penned by everything you show it to. Fortunately it's easy to cover up.


Turret is really nice, very bouncy unless they've managed to hit a shot in your commanders hatch. The roof feels a little bit thin but I can't say with any certainty, if I'm shooting down on this tank I'll want to aim for the commanders hatch anyway. Oh and it can sidescrape too - the spaced side armour is nice when some shitbird is slinging HEAT at you, seriously, I've gotten away with a 50 degree side angle before now (ymmv). And on top of all of this, you remember that it's got 1550hp, which is very, very noob me friendly. If you derp, you can recover, if you yolo too hard, you can cope because of the armour. The durability of this beast is amazing. Also If you get this thing hulldown it's pretty much GG for the enemy shooting you.


As for weaknesses, if you over angle your sidescrape you'll be 'reminded' of this pretty quickly .There is a weakspot below the gun mantle which I've already been penned through, this might be a shot trap be aware (angle gun down if you think you'll get fucked through it). It's not an IS-6, but it does have the right amount of armour in all the right places is what I'm trying to say, imo this makes it better than the IS-6, it's very fucking comfortable and hella durable. You wont get penned anywhere you shouldn't. Unless gold spam.



Really nice mobility, nothing xensational (I went there), well at least not compared to mediums, but it's very nice to be able to move around the battlefield at your leisure and speed to keep up with your team if they decide to zerg rush. Not much else to say here, it's nice, especially when you remember that you've got armour to absolutely batter your enemy. Should probably also state that it's got a good top speed of 50kph (downhill/hardground), 520hp, track traverse of 26 degrees per second (it traverses with one track stationary, can't remember the name/term for it) so be wary of that. The turret traverse matches the track traverse. For a 45 tonne tank, a power to weight ratio of 11.69 isn't bad, couple with the top speed, you should be able to get some nice rams going down hill.



The 122mm D-25TA is inherently Chinese, overall pretty poor aim time with 'workable' accuracy. Now if you're in CHAI, I understand you may not like the sound of this thing, but wait. You are allowed to snipe all day long from a hulldown position where you're not in a crossfire that has an ark of more than 30 degrees either side. Even the odd T6 scout will bounce on your sides reliably. The WZ's affinity for brawling makes it fantastic, not only for close engagements, but for sitting partially covered up, unleashing hell on the enemy. It has HEAT with 250mm of pen which is a BIG advantage against the IS-6 - you won't be spamming it like APCR and thus will make a profit & when you need it, you actually have a chance of getting through an E-75s lower plate. The 3.4s aim time & 0.46 accuracy are both pretty trash, though they're workable. IS-6/112 experience serves you well here. It'll do.


Gear & Crew skills:

It's not going to be and should never be used as a view range sniper, if you're in the late game without vision then you've done something wrong earlier. I tried to make it work earlier with food/optics, but I have a 0.5 skill crew, if you get BIA and view range skills you might be able to squeeze 450 out of it, but sacrificing the limited gun control you had for it, is it worth it? I doubt it.




Commander: Repairs, 6th sense, BiA, situational awareness/camo (will make fuck all difference with the time it'll take to train)

Gunner: Repairs, snap shot, BiA, armorer, camo

Driver: Repairs, smooth ride, BiA, clutch breaking, off-road

Loader: Repairs, safe stowage, BiA, adrenaline rush, camo


Seems like ammorack is rare, any 1-4 players confirm?



Do I really need to tell you how to play? Brawls, yolo assaults (seriously it can bully everything in tier) and short to mid range hull down sniping, especially at fat tanks where you don't have to wait that long for the aim.


WN8/WR padding/credit making potential:


Yes, there's potential. Understand the low sample size and the fact that I am literally terrible when it comes to WN8 farming/damage padding etc... If put in Kewei's hands, I honestly think he could pull T10 med++ levels. I predict it will be best in its class for credit earning, the pen is more than workable when you've got these levels of comfort. What's more, if you're playing it well, you'll hardly take any damage & then you've got HEAT for the nasty targets.



Vs competition:



112 - It's a straight up improvement, feels like it's lower to the ground so you have to do less work hiding your lower plate. I'm not sure what it is, maybe the width/track orientation but it just feels so much more comfy than the 112. They're similar, but the WZ is better on every level.


IS-6 - I see the IS-6 as the main competitor to the WZ-111, competing for the overall bruiser/bully of the pref 8 division & I think the glorious IS-6 is about to get knocked off of its perch. You're not going to get the deflector shields of the Russian heavy, but it's more than capable and where the IS-6 is let down by the front 100mm when facing high pen guns, the WZ will bounce them all day, whilst still being better than the 112 in literally every way.


SP/JT88/FCM/T-34-3 - Not in direct competition with the WZ. Competent WZ player would school them all.


Overall/Prediction for future:

Can you play the T-62A well? Do you want a 112/IS-6++? Grind it. It's really fucking good. I'm pretty confident that it's going to be the best T8 pref in the coming months. A blend of the best. However, when pubs catch on that it's nearly impenetrable when played well they'll load shit tonnes of gold and really fuck you. Be careful with that, especially on NA. On EU, this thing will be a super power from the lack of gold spam.


It's pretty fucking special, mad comfort but can get fucked by really high pen guns, decent firepower & mobility. If you're willing to pay full price for a T8 prem, make it this one. If you're not, grind like fucking mad, It will be the best in its class.


So much for short...

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Well fuck, there goes the article I was writing....


Post it anyways, Gashtag is on EU which is a server that calls anybody that even looks at gold rounds a noob.


The NA meta is much different, I'd like input on how the WZ-111 fares in our server.

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Nice review.. deffo getting it.. at least just for the lols. 

Got 3/7 nations done  =D

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We'll see how far along the grind I get and see whether or not I get this over the 112 ($ factor). I might just go with the 112 though, as Im going to try and start earning a lot more tourney golds

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Similar to the 112.


Biggest fundamental difference is that it trades the T10 UFP for side armor more similar the the IS-3, with 30mm spaced over inward sloping hull. Still, if you can hide the LFP you will fuck all day on an IS-6- the UFP is just thick enough to bounce D-25 APCR gold most of the time.


Turret is contoured a little differently and the mantlet is 270 effective vs. 240 effective on the 112.


Otherwise it has marginally more DPM. Stats suggest it's slightly more mobile than the 112 but I didn't see any difference when I played with a friend in a China strong platoon.


Also, the credit farming is real with this tank.

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I am having fun in this tank, though with my crew not 100% and missing 2 equipment the 122mm gun trolls me alot. Though I got used to it with the T-34-3 and I know it gets better when my crew reaches 100% (only bumped to loader up to 100%).


For now I am seeing it as a breakthrough tank, and thus team dependant. If I break through and my team follows... win. If I break through, ask for help and everybody stays back..... dead and likely a lose.


And yes, I bought this as a Christmas gift to myself. :P

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The roof of the hull (including "corners" not covered by the turret) is only 25mm thick, how often do you get overmatched?


I haven't, I doubt it'll be a very big problem tbh, most tanks are taller than you and will be shooting down at the cupola rather than the hull roof.

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Anyone with a significant number of battles in it that can confirm if it burn alot?... thinking of using food instead of fireext. 

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Much the same as Roller, will get every nation done but two. $20 for a pref 8 HT? Sure! I need a HT trainer for China tonks, as much as I like my 34-3 I dont want to train a crew from scratch!

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It's my only shot at getting a cheap T8 prem.


So i'll buy two tokens and complete the other 5 nations.


To be fair, i'll buy the tokens then do the 2 missions i miss after NY - which is to say i'll do 1.3k damage with the UK and 1.7k with PRC and be done with it.

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So, how much do you think that this tank is worth? It's worth £45 by WG's calculation on the NA server (lel £11 discount for playing on freedomserver). Most prem heavies are around £35. How many missions should I finish before it becomes worth buying in the community's opinion?

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i think 3 is the bare minimum.


No sensein spendingsomuch cash for nothing

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Nice review Gashie, problem is now I have to go for it. Will be difficult for Englandland and strange eyes-country, since my max tier there is 6. 

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