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Someone help me with 140?

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I just got my 140, and i love it. However, im pretty trash at it. Is there anyone willing to help. Scryb play the 140 better? My standard t-54 tactics and working very well




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Well, I researched T62a instead of 140. I thought I did a terrible mistake untill I tried it out in Test server.


Obj.140 works pretty much the same. Do some spotting for your team and do some early damage. When Reviewed my battles in T62a, middle battle time, its too hard for me to do damage. Then join the clean up process. (This is my opinion and it worked for for almost 100 battles i played in 62a. It might or not work for you depending on your playstyle) 



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If you include a replay of the game it becomes about 100x more effective.



To OP, I'll keep track of my T62-A games for a bit, give you like 10 or so 3k+ wn8 ones within a couple days.

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Lol had fun killing arty or something?


You should play the 140 as a flanking medium since it doesn't have as good turret armor like the 62A. Find angles into people's sides whenever you can but don't be afraid to use your low profile to facehug tall german tanks.

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It's a few T-62A replays I had in the last 3 days, I selected the aces and the 1st classes, it might help you to get some ideas, since I think they play similarly: CLICK

If you want I have a couple of videos of the 140 on my youtube channel, I don't wanna spam it here, send me a PM if you're interested


Unfortunately the 140 is sitting in the garage unused since some time, so I don't have any recent replay for that

That's the only input I can give, I'm afraid, since I'm from EU

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cheesy-senpai, i'll take a look after i get home today! (tho i'll get home pretty late cuz it's friday friday and i gotta get down on friday)

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I actually haven't been playing the 140 much, and i probably should. just been having too much fun with the t-34-2 lately. If you're looking for some replay analysis, as well as some good gameplay to watch, I'll see what I can put together this weekend.

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1st battle:

- use auto fire extinguisher. it's really not that much more expensive and it's very useful.

- don't autoaim far targets that are moving orthogonally to you. I mean, it's fine if you're close to them, but far away they'll outrun your autoaim.

- after the bat dies, you can probably just move up. You just sit there for a while ~30 sec

- in general, you're not playing the hills particularly well. This is kind of hard on the 140. If you can't find that angle to hull down with, then just pick a different approach. You can go around to like D7 and try to hull down there. I think the 140 can do it on A/B line though, it's just tricky.

- also switch to heat if ur going to be shooting JPE/E50M frontally and not aiming much. Your chance of going thru are much higher. I don't think eating that shot from the JPE is necessarily that bad, but u should be hitting him back like 4-5 times for it. Once again, much easier to do with heat shells (can aim at the cheeks beside the gun).


Overall: Be more active, get better aiming mechanics, and find russian hulldown better.



Battle 2:

- In general, it just feels like you don't know your angles well in the delta village. This is a bit hard to explain, but you can get shots on enemies more reliably, and from safer locations too... I mean the obvious one here is at the start - you literally stop in the worst location possible to shoot at the 62A. Had you gone closer to the delta village, you can use bushes to your advantage, as well as be arty safe. Ofc, arty didn't shoot you, but that's you being lucky.

- Aim your shots better >.>, you really shouldn't be bouncing this many shells.

- Don't yolo into a crossfire, obviously. Personally, I would've gone down the F-line to help, but given the situation you were in, you should've kept going and not stop in the middle of the road to try and hull down the E100 and JPE.

- yea rip that fire extinguisher I talked about in 1st game. After the first tick, u were at 425, but then you burn 2 more ticks down to 282. That's going from "I have less than 50% chance of getting 1shot by the E-50M" to "I am definitely getting 1shot by the E-50M"


Mostly you just don't really know your angles well and you don't really aim your shots well either.

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