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T-34-85 Challenge Inspired by Garbad and CarbonatedPork

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My main reasoning behind doing this is I like this tank and I wanted to do a challenge with it. I like Garbad and CarbonatePork will be using all gold but I am going to make a couple changes to the challenge do to time constraints. Instead of doing 5 games per session I will be doing 10 as I leave on vacation in 6 days. I will still be doing 50 battles all solo (or platooned with reds). All of my replays will be put up for download. So let the chaos begin!



#1 50 games all solo (or platooned with reds)

#2 All gold spam +food(o gawd rip me credits)

#3 Keep track of stats

#4 5 games per night


Equipment and Stats:

Crew skills and equipment may be changed
All of these stats are solo and 75% AP with no 6th sense so I expect this to be improved

Other threads can be found here


Edit:I am only going to play 5 battles per session and finish when I get back


http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/15534-t-34-85-challenge-inspired-by-garbad-and-carbonatedpork/?p=368534 http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/15534-t-34-85-challenge-inspired-by-garbad-and-carbonatedpork/?p=368849 http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/15534-t-34-85-challenge-inspired-by-garbad-and-carbonatedpork/?p=368974 http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/15534-t-34-85-challenge-inspired-by-garbad-and-carbonatedpork/?p=369311

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The gold spam.

That's all part of the challenge: what sort of solopub winrate can one achieve under those parameters? Goldspam helps, but it isn't going to win many games on its own.

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The gold spam.

I honestly dont see the reason to spam gold at this tier with this gun as the gun is perfectly capable of penning most tier 4-7 tanks with standard AP. I am just trying to be as close the original as possible. 

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#1 Defeat I died to early to affect the battle to my max potential.
#2 Victory The tanks that yolod on the enemy team allowed me to destroy them and team had good spread. Overall a good game by all. (Ace Tanker)
#3 Victory My early spotting from mid allowed me to get shots in to tanks sides. When coming into town tanks were already down HP. (Ace Tanker)
#4 Defeat The team all went into the enemy creating a lot of low damage players and high damage players for the enemies. 
#5 Being in mid allowed me to put do a lot of damage in to tanks that could have been a threat. They ended up being to scared to move forward.
Session #1 Results
Overall I think I played well except for one game (the first one). If I had stayed alive longer in the first one I might have been able to win the game.
I think I did have one game better than the others though the third game really showed how good the t-34-85 can be. I would have gone more indepth
with this review but in the middle of writing my last one my computer blue screened.
Best Game: gSCp4du.jpg
Game #3
Replays can be found here:
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Game #1 Tier 8 Win I didn't do much except some early damage and turned turrets which allowed my team to defend faster.
Game #2 Tier 8 Defeat Whole team pushed south and was help up by 4 tanks this lost the game.
Game #3 Tier 7 Win I was suprised how this game turned out I really didn't think we could have won this. A good push and good defending wins though.
Game #4 Tier 7 Win Winning hill allowed my team to own the map and help mid and the losing flank. Also the tier 6 german td has a fast reload lel.
Game #5 Tier 8 Win My being aggresive allowed to my team to see it was safe to push. Due to this my team won the flank and won the game.
Session Results:
Overall I think I played okay but not great. I made a few terrible desicions which got my killed but didn't lose the games. If the enemies
had been better I think I would have lost a more. I also didn't have any outstanding games that stood out to mewhich saddens me. The game
I had the most effect on would probably be the 5th game because of the push I started. So that ends session #2.
Next session will either be up later today or tomorrow
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Game #1 Tier: 7 Lost Team had no good trading. This resulted in a lot of 0 damage players. 3 players did more than 500 damage
Game #2 Tier: 7 Win This battle was to close. I died early on and traded poorly. Thankfully a platoon listened to me
Game #3 Tier: 6 Win I was scared at fist when my team started to push and a few died but in the end I traded well along with the kv-85 and we won the game.
Game #4 Tier: 6 Win This team actually suprised me with how well they did. For the most part they did everything I expect out of a team.
Game #5 Tier: 6 Win This battle scared me so much. It was way to close. Luckily the team did as I said and got on cap although it was almost to late/
Session Results:
Overall I think I played good. Battles 2 and 5 I did poorly but I used text to guide the pubbies and thankfully they listened. I don't want to cut it this close again but a 80% wr is still a
80% wr. My situational awareness really needs to improve if I want a 80% wr on this challenge and it really showed this session. My best game was probably game #3 as I got a top gun 
but it still wasnt a "great" battle. I played this session today as I am not sure if I am going to be able to play tomorrow. 
Best Game: #3
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#1 Tier: 6 Win This game overall went really well.  My flex in to town probably helped the team push and win the game. 
#2 Tier: 8 Defeat The team traded very poorly along with a top tier bot this game was bound to be a loss. Along with me getting trapped very early on due to heavies being retards this battle was terrible
#3 Tier: 7 Win This team as a whole traded very great. With only 1 tank lost on my team its safe to say this was a team effort
#4 Tier: 6 Defeat 13 tanks under 500 damage lost this battle along with 6 0 damage tanks.
#5 Tier: 8 Win This team was op great trading of damage. Overall I loved this team. Also 2 marks <3 <3
Session Results:
This session I played okay. I could have been more aware of my surrounding's which seems to consitently be a problem for me. In the airfield game I should have known not to pull out but I did anyways.
While it would have been a loss anyways I could have my personal game better. The problem I have is I can't always control how my team trades damage. I can help control flanks but I can't control their damage
dealing. With game #4 I could have helped my team more by poking up and turning some guns but I was scared of a kv-2. I think that if I had been more aware that battle I would have taken the hit and hopefully
help my team. In the end though I didn't. This lead to a mediocre session. Also #2 marks YAY! I plan to have 3 by the end of the challenge.
Best Game: #5
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So far, do you think gold spam and food make that big of a difference to WR WN8 both or neither?


AND do you carry any HE for those few situations where it would be very useful?

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So far, do you think gold spam and food make that big of a difference to WR WN8 both or neither?


AND do you carry any HE for those few situations where it would be very useful?

There has been a few situations where gold has been useful. I wouldn't say it helps my wn8 or win rate a lot but it helps enough to notice. The HE I carry because there are situations where it will be useful the fast reload also allows me to switch shell types easily. When coming up against paper tanks it sure is nice.
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