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Hello dear all,


Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation for this forum. I really like the expert insights and the copious amounts of sarcasm.


I write this post because I am a Ferdinand tanker looking for a wingman.

Up till Sunday night, I had a 70% winrate in 50 battles. All pub, no platoons.

Being able to carry round after round, even with the stock guns for the first 40 battles, and performing as the god of murder once I got the real gun, gave great satisfaction.

These stats are from then.


It was a nice reflection of my joyfull tanking.


However, since yesterday, WG has made sure that 50 to 90% of my fellow pubbies were either clinically braindead, or paid by WG to get my winrate down. My winrate is dropping, as well as my WN7, which belongs in the purple in my modest opinion! But most of all, I spend more time cursing and insulting the badies than actually tanking and laughing sardonically....


So, if you feel like playing a couple of rounds with me, let me know. I'm usually on late in the evenings (9-12pm  GMT+1), when my girlfriend and dog are sleeping, for optimal concentration and smooth internets.


For the practicalities of the platooning (which tank you would drive etc.), I let it up to other people's advice here. I only ran 25 platoon games or so, so far, mostly tier 5 to 8.


I am just really looking forward to having at least one person by my side whom I can trust.

The main aim would be to play satisfying battles, with a lot of ownage, while I will not be afraid to take loads of damage myself. Improved stats are not the aim per se, merely a reflection of the success.



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Thanks for the reply Marduk, but it seems those channels are NA only, no?

Anyway, good suggestion, I think I can find some good players looking for platoon via the channels on EU.

I would join a clan otherwise, but with various other activities and obligations in life, I just can't commit myself to it.



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Mhoehahahaha...! *sardonic laughter echoes across the battle field once more*


1-shot a Typ59 from 400 m





Back on track! Thanks to more concentrated play and a couple of platoon mates; thanks guys!



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