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Object 907 Feedback and Appreciation Thread

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I spent ~2 days grinding out the games needed to boost my MoE to around 93.5% However, because the NA sample size for the 907 is considerably lower than EU, my DPG heavily influenced the numbers WG uses for the two-week DPG pool. After the first day, my MoE was ~93.5%, and I stopped for the day. I played one game on the second day, which was around 6.5k combined damage, and my MoE dropped to around 91%. This was because my own numbers the previous day were counted against me. I didn't play for two weeks so my numbers weren't included in the sample size, and the first game I played bumped it from 91% --> 95.5%

Not sure if that makes any sense.

it doesnt :kjugh:

i got mine too last week, played day after day tho, guess too many EU bobs playing it :kwim:

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1 hour ago, CarbonWard said:


Pretty stronk dpg for not running food :QBFlip:

2 repair kits and a AFE, ammo rack is full cancer, so are fires from the side hits.

Two kits and AFE?

What is the reload? Is the viewrange enough to not need optics?

Never thought of such a loadout but seems to make sense.

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Well, the crews were only 2 and a half skills, so with no recon and no situational awareness, i pretty much gave up on the vision game and stuck with Vent+Rammer+vs

reload is 5.4 sec.

Crew don't die often enough, and when it does, JoAT covers it adequately, the biggest problem in the 907 for me was losing ammo rack twice in one game and getting lit on fire every 2nd hit to the side.

I guess i could of ran food and only go with 1 kit, but the guy didn't have enough credit to lose an extra 20k/game.


But if i had a 4-5 skilled crew, i would of went with food + Situa awareness+ recon + optics to play the vision game as I have done when i did the 3 marking.

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Is the tanksgg site correct in showing the 907's armor profile? Because it looks like my AMX 30 1ier should have a pretty decent chance of penning his front glacis with 260 APCR pen, but I've fought 5 or 6 of these since the weekend and I haven't managed a single pen on it's front.

Pretty sure it's just my ongoing whining about unlucky RNG , but thought I'd ask..

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Added 2 patches of 125mm armor to the lower glacis. Also, the ammorack module is a bit smaller and the side armor angles were changed.


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Is it worth it to drop optics and fire extinguisher for improved vents and food, for 451.73 m instead of 473.43 m view range? I run regular vert stabs, improved rammer, and the rammer directive.

I'm 97 % on 5th skill on a regular male crew. Thing is, I only have 50 % effective firefighting skill. So, I guess I might have to start running a firefighting directive, which would make my 50 % firefighting a wasted skill. Min-maxing is painful :'(

Edit: After reading the FF directive description in-game, it seems to increase FF by +50 % when a crew member has FF trained to 100%. I've 2 crew members at 97 % FF each, so those skills wouldn't be wasted anymore after a casual 438,075 XP of crew training.

I also learned that improved equipment are 10 % cheaper in bundles, so I have to buy my vents bundled with vert stabs. I wonder if improved stabs would be wasted on the 907, though. Best to put them on the Batchat instead.

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Been wanting this tank since 2014, finally participated in a campaign that offered it and will be getting it. It took me a few years and it's an old tank, but a new tank for me! 


I read through all the pages, few questions.

1) With lower fire % chance than the 140, do you really need a fire extinguisher? I can't remember the last time I caught fire in my RU med's really.

2) Gun rammer, vert stab, +optics or vents? (I plan on using food if no fires, also related to question below).

3) Does it really need 2 repair kits? Do you find yourself getting ammo racked as much?  


I'm thinking about running Gun rammer, Vert stab, Vents, with Large repair kit, Large med kit, and Food... Crew wise... probably on 5th skill, so I should have camo, repairs, and BiA done. I'm thinking about using it as an assault medium (most likely running with heavies and/or pack of other mediums) and ramping up the DPM as much as possible.


Thanks in advance!

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On 7/16/2019 at 2:21 PM, Matross said:

3) Does it really need 2 repair kits? Do you find yourself getting ammo racked as much?  

I’m pretty sure @CarbonWard was running two repair kits back when they were single use. So, I don’t think it’s best anymore. 

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Holy moley, this tank is like... 

- 25% of the armor of the 430u (I want to give it less, but the sides can get freak bounces)
- Pretty much the turret of a 140 (hello over matching top)
- Gun handling of T62A (when stationary)


As soon as people start throwing HEAT/high pen APCR... what armor? The -5 gun depression is noticeable, just like the T62A, but at least the T62A gets a better turret and great gun handling, even on the move.

I'm wrecking the sh*tty stats that I have by playing the 907 -.-"

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