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Kewei method with the obj 140.

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Going badly so far, any major tips for tier ten?


Went from playing Blue/Light purple level in 8s and 9s to dark green/light blue level in tier 10. Help is much appreciated.


I've got the technique down. I've found if you change your goal from getting stats to getting the third mark of excellence your damage increases insanley. Though it kind of sounds like it's weird, it really works. I don't focus on trying to go for low goals just trying to hit as much things as I can.


Also it's a matter of staying alive and getting damage as fast and quickly as you can.


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I am the latest disciple of the Kewei method although I do not really meet the entry standard as I'm a green.

I decided over a week ago to play tier ten only, and solo. First few nights in my 140 were horrible, but since then in my 62a and 4202 I've started to get some potato-free runs together, and even some carrys, and I'm finding it a great challenge.

Great lessons learned so far:

1. If you overextend you'll die.

2. If you take any early damage, get to the back as they will all be trying to finish you.

3. When lit, move into cover and go dark unless arty has loads of fatter targets to shoot.

4. Master autoaim, as everyone else has.

5. You are hulldown when everything below the dispersion circle in sniper view is dirt; if not, you aren't.

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