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Study on artillery

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Perhaps a start would be to look at the average DPG, DPM, and time survived for blues and purples in non-arty tanks.

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Average distance traveled by an entire team without arty and with 1 arty, 2 arty, 3 arty... If arty induces campiness, each increasing number of arty should reduce the average distance traveled by each team (holding all else equal such as tank type, number of arty, etc) than if arty was not in the match. 


We may expect the data to look like this... (or reverse if arty decreases campiness)

Team 1&2 average distance traveled:

without arty: 1.5km

with 1 arty: 1.0 km

with 2 arty: 0.8 km

with 3 arty: 0.7 km


Just thoughts...


Wouldn't having more artillery inherently decrease average distance traveled?

No matter how much they relocate, I expect nearly all SPG to be more stationary than the other classes

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I'm thinking of using heat maps by time period to illustrate the effects arty-induced camping. I know that we have stats on distance travelled, but the ultimate point is: In which area and on which map?

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If you're going to do this kind of study you have to have take into account all of the variables.  You'd have to consider the over all team compositions, the map their on, what type of battle is it, and what other variables (missions) are in play or you're going to have nothing but garbage results.


Example:  You have a match come up with 4 arty, a couple of heavies, some mediums, and only 1 or 2 TD's that's going to produce an entirely different "camping" result than if you have a match made up of a majority of TD's along with 4 arties, a few heavies and mediums.  In either instance, how many scouts are there?  Are there any current missions that cause more YOLO than usual?


I think it'd be a great set of data to present for either side of the arty "discussion".


One thing you need to realize about numbers and statistics are that you can pretty much make them say whatever you want based on how the data is gathered, computed, and what methodology you use.  You should have seen my Statistics Profs head explode when I told him that's what my Stats class taught me.

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