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De-lurking... Happy New Year!

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Hello!  I'm Kevin...


Just recently got back into playing this game the last few months...  I had played a bit in version 8.something-or-other, and got out of the habit after hitting a bit of a plateau a few hundred games in.  When WoWP came out (and I had a new gaming rig) I installed that, and reinstalled WoT just for the heck of it and to see what the new version was like...  lo and behold, for the past few months I am hooked on Tanks pretty much exclusively (I find the other game a bit too "arcade-y" to hold my interest).


I ran across this forum after starting to use the stat tracking resources and have soaked up as much of what I could read here, as well as now watching some of the Twitch streams regularly (Zeven, Anfield, etc).  I am still obviously a wee noob (only 1600-ish battles), but the past few months since trying to apply the stuff I am reading here it seems the numbers are ever-so-slowly going in the right direction...  if still only as thoroughly yellow as they could possibly be.  My main goal is to be a player that makes decisive moves to win the game more consistently, and stop making stupid moves that contribute to a loss (those happen way too often).


I like the teamwork aspects of this game, but the only time I have experienced them are those fleeting moments you end up on the same flank with one or two other random people that know what they are doing, and you make a little impromptu virtual platoon that turns the game.  Unfortunately those times can be few and far between in Random games, and I have never actually used the platoon function in the game [hides face in shame]...


I am just now getting into the Tier 6 tanks for the first time - I have had a Jumbo Sherman for awhile, but I only just started the VK 36.01H this weekend, and bought a KV-85 during Tanksmas that I haven't switched my KV-1S crew to yet.  Not in any particular hurry to move further even though the Jumbo is elite now, as T6 is kicking my butt just fine thankyouverymuch.


IRL I am somewhere north of forty-something, and a proud papa to two little ones who are way into Minecraft (a game of which I do not understand...).  Yes, my alma mater has always been a part of my screen name in all-things on-line for ages, and yes I am well aware that we suck in football when someone named Brees is not our QB.  We did land a couple dudes on the moon though, so we have that going for us.


Anyway, glad to be here and looking forward to reading more great stuff as I clearly have a shit-ton to learn :smallsmile:


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o7 to all!

o7 Fellow Boilermaker.

o7 fellow Boiler! I was in AAMB back in the day as well

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