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We are rebuilding WHY!


A multinational community searching for hardened ninja warriors





What is our Community?

- [WHY] WHY so Serious?! - wot page - noobmeter

- [WHO] WHO Cares?! - wot page - noobmeter


What do we offer?

- A stable WoT community since 2012.

- Excellent Clan Wars and Campaign opportunities.

- ESL (currently two active teams in the community - one of the teams is 1st in Ace Europe Cup 3vs3) and Tournaments with clan teams.

- Highly successful Stronghold skirmishes with great bonuses

- Great players and in an easy-going environment.

No drama and no primadonnas.


What are we looking for?

- You must have at least 4 Clan Wars tanks.

- You must have at least 2 Tier X tanks with 200+ battles.

- Average damage on Tier X Heavies and Mediums: 2600+

- Average damage on Tier X Auto-loaders: 3000+

- Overall win-rate should be above 57% 

- Overall WN8 rating should be above 2000, recent WN8 should be above 2500.

- A laid back player that has high interest in Clan Wars and other clan activities.


How do you become a WHY member?

1) Contact our recruiters in-game or on Teamspeak.

2) Introduce yourself and formally apply to our recruiters.

3) You will be made aspirant and asked to play platoons, tank companies or 7v7 battles with our testers.

4) During your test period you will be evaluated by the testers and recruiters on skilltactical knowledge and personality.

5) If you have what it takes you will be made a member of the WHY community!


Jump on our TS3 and contact our recruiters to find out if you are WHO we are looking for!


Teamspeak3: WHYWHO.EU

WHY Recruiters: zekypolice & opredrag

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