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Homeless clown looking for a hotel... I mean clan.

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Not sure what clan should I join. I have done some CWs before, but to be honest... they're not really that fun to me. I can do CWs, but its just wont be fun for me. Maybe I want a clan that I can chill out with some people... maybe a platoon clan... maybe.


I have 2 T10s (T110E3, E100).

I have some prem tanks (Chi Nu Kai, IS6, FCM, T127)

I can be online at least 3 days or more.

Im 17 if age matters to you.

I dont usually go to TS because most of the time I listen to music when I play tanks.

Im a shy and quiet person.


Oh and you guys can see my stats so no need to for me to post them.

I will join a clan on the 1st of January so Ill have some time to think.


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You are what -APE- is looking for. Come help us make something great. Join TS and run some platoons with us.

ts.alliance4all.com any questions feel free to hif me up

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If you plan on going on TS more often, KIMBO would likely be willing to take you.


Good luck in your search, in any case.


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