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The heck did I just buy? 4k DPG with replays

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So I just bought the T57 with the thought of playing it occasionally. Started playing it around midnight with crew around 85% and 2 skills.


Using the obvious set-up (need my cola for E3):



I didn't really feel like I was focusing a lot. I guess the mobility makes up perfectly for the clip reload and makes it feel very short.


Platooning definitely helped getting these stats


Yeah, have a laugh at my low-tier skills. Also, hi canadian!


What can I say, it seems like the ultimate damage stealer in this meta. But it's an amazing support tank too (see the MaxL kill in siegfried line). Maybe I'm still playing it somewhat wrong and should use my HP a little more or swap vents for optics. But honestly, I'd like to keep that DPG up so that's unlikely to happen  :doubleguns2:

Also lol @CG in Kharkov. Many people hate on HEAT but I think it works rather fine, I've owned the 50B for months and definitely think they are at least equally competitive vehicles.


Of course, small sample size etc, but maybe you'll find some replays helpful!


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The T57 has to be one of the most deadly brawlers in this game, even after the nerf.  Unless of course, you owned the tank before the nerf......in which case it apparently is a shadow of its former self.

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Obviously, I just wanted to show that it's still more than capable. I don't think many people watch all of the replays anyway. 'T was also 2am  :beard: (which is why your afk game isn't in it hel)

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