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Prepare your tinfoil hats

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As Polish sub-forum veteran I read almost everyday whine threads on probably every aspect of WoT. The most popular are two (!) official topic about MM - one about players' opinions and one to explain how MM works. In fact there are no differences between them - the same level of insanity and conspiracies. Most of whiners are red barons, yellow submarines and greenies but we also have one exception - voytech.


He made one of the best guides on our sub-forum and in general he used to be pillar of our siemka society. After weird contest about Catwalk (he didn't win, how terrible) he started his holy crusade against WG. He tries to shows us all how MM and RNG are rigged. Usually he uses YT as his Holy Hand Granade from Antioch so I couldn't resist to share fun with you. 



More in spoiler.











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Honestly, he just seems like someone who does not know how game mechanics work or where to shoot tanks. For example, he was shooting the IS3 in its spaced armor instead of the hull (under the spaced armor and above the tracks). Also, I have had ghost shells happen to me many times and it's always because either you or they (or both) are lagging. The videos seemed to be a few cherry picked instances of actually bad rng (happens to all of us and even goes in our favor sometimes) and terrible mm (again, happens to all of us even though it might not feel like it) which is nothing new.


*puts tinfoil hat on* Although this video was easily explained I still believe Russian bias is a real thing but not to the degree many people say. Just look at all the soft stats of Russian tanks and the accuracy buff that happened a while back. This buff alone made all Russian high alpha guns 10x better than they were previously (as one of the major balancing factors was their lack of accuracy). *removes tinfoil hat*

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*puts tinfoil hat on* Although this video was easily explained I still believe Russian bias is a real thing but not to the degree many people say.


You are correct. It shows up pretty well once you remove recency bias. Russian tanks are often played early in a career, which makes them look worse on most measures.


Tier 10 is reasonably nation-balanced apart from the Chinese though.

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I watched a few starts and yeah, it's just a montage of bad luck. You can see where the shells go. 

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Someone had a tinfoil hat sale, in the english EU forums was a thread about the T1 Cunningham being ruined through a stealth nerf to MM.


Tier 1 did actually get a stealth(y) MM nerf (20-game newbie separation), although that was a while ago now. Tier 1 works out as slightly harder than tier 2 statistically, although it's still pretty easy pickings.


Now they just need to increase the MM weight of the Pz IIJ. No-one would notice. Probably.

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