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LF platoonies to help raise game

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As mentioned above, I am looking to widen my current platoon mate list. 


Played a few games with some deep purple players and was surprised at how calmly

they react to the ever changing game dynamic and read the map perfectly - know who

to engage when and where. Essentially no panicky, twitchy, rash movements/reactions. 

As GrouchoMarxist says when we platoon - play for fun because losing isn't!


Essentially looking to raise the bar by learning to play with the big guns.




P.S: Tier 8 and higher please. Not a big fan of low tier play. 

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That was good! We used to play a lot more huh? And Knobby that game in the morning hurt...added all of you to spam list. 



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Feel free to spam me. I don't have a pref 8 but I enjoy high tier platooning.

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Up to the top - lost a few mates. Looking to replenish toon mate list. Kindly spam invites or post. 

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We had a good run earlier today.


m8, why aren't you in AWFUL?!?


Add me to your invite spam list, though!




Noone wants to platoon with me? Contrary to what my stats show, I am not a red line sniper/damage padder... 

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