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World of Tanks with CroLuxGAME

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Hello everyone and welcome!
I started making youtube videos in summer of 2013, after a while people started comming to my channel and asking me to make more videos so I decided to continue making videos.
I dont upload only WoT videos, there is also some other games you will find on my channel  :smallsmile: 
Here is the link to my channel, curently standing strong on 550 subs  :doubleguns2: 
First this you will notice is that english isn`t my primary language. I was born in Croatia and still living there. I was first introduced to German language, but after studying it for 5 years I decided to switch to English which I aced and still do in school.
I started streaming recently, check me out every day (beside sunday) at 5pm CEST ► http://www.twitch.tv/cro_lux
If you have some time, watch some of my videos and dont be afraid to leave your opinion  :thumbup:

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Started streaming recently, streaming 6 days in a week (only not on sunday).
Check me out and hang out with me every time for 5 hours :D

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