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Need to expand platoon list

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Going to basically clean up my friends list and add in anyone willing to platoon.  Looking around my skill level (green/blue overall, blue recent).  Hoping to pick up some things here or there to help me get over my recent plateau.  I had been touching dark blue wn8 and purple w/r mostly soloing for a bit before taking a break in the Fall.  Seem to have lost some of my mojo since then.


I mostly play East though my ping is fine in the West.  Pref-8,9,10. I prefer having some comms but I'll run silent if comms aren't viable.  When I play I'm usually on between 9PM-12AM ET. 


I rarely rage and still have never gotten a chat ban even though I do reserve the right to tell people in chat that they're functionally retarded.  I actually like feedback/chatter during and after matches from platoonmates.  Usually the best way to find new ways of winning.  

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Add me if you want

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