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Top 3 Favorite tanks.

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A Similar post to Garbad's PPer Topic

Post here your favorite three tanks right now, how you equip them, and why.



1.  T69 - vert / gld / optics


The T69 is perharps on of my Favorite Autoloaders, I find the Accuracy to be horrible at points but still within reason, though it does have its moment in T10 games, I love this tank.


2.  IS6 - vert / rammer / gld


My First Prem tank and I love it; With Stalinanium for armor tied in with it's decent gun and Prem match making; who can't love this tank.


3.  Obj416 - vert / rammer / optics

Despite being a rear mounted Turret, this tank is quite fun, with a gun that has 330 pen with HEAT it has no problem being put in T10 games, on top of that it's camo and mobility makes for a deadly tank.


Honorable mentions:  T20 , ELC AMX & IS3

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T-34-3 - The only real pref 8 medium that's available for sale, and that alpha, mmm - Rammer, Vstab, Optics (tried out GLD, didn't feel it was worth it, went back)

IS-7 - YOLO - Rammer, Vstab, Optics (you're often at the front, so why not spot? Gud idea from Kewei, it works!)

Lorr. 40t - I'm fucked up or something, but I love this tank when it cooperates - GLD, Vstab, Vents (already Chai-sniping, why not do it better?)

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T29 (Vstab, vents, rammer) Muh armor

BT-7 (Vents, binocs, enhanced christie suspension) MUH SPEEDZ

tie between E-25 (binocs, camo net, rammer) and BT-SV. (same as BT-7) MUH SEALCLUBBING

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Jagd E-100, Bat chat, IS7. But I really did love the Jagdtiger and IS8 :P 

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IS7 - Rammer, Vstab, GLD.  The tank needs all the help it can get aim time wise and vents doesn't cut it unless you use vents.  It's supposed to be the same as the E100 gun wise but in game we all know it acts.......different.  One of the best pushing/defense tanks in the game.


E100 - Rammer, Vstab, Vents.  Same reason as IS7 but the gun actually WORKS most of the time, hence I can afford vents.  Another great pusher that fucks shit up if you get in my way :)


WZ-120 - Rammer, Vstab, GLD.  OMFG it's a mobile platform with a fucking IS4 gun variant on it!!!! AT TIER 9!!!! OMFG THIS TANK IS SEX REALLY IT IS, can't fucking WAIT FOR THE 121

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Pershing (Rammer, Ver Stab, Optics)

M7 (Rammer, Vents, GLD)

T29 (Rammer, Ver Stab, GLD)

Notice how they're all 'Murican

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T71-vert, vents, optics: best scout na

wz131-cant remember, vert, rammer, optics, if no vert then vents, best scout na

140-vert, rammer, optics, cuz rus meds

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Is-8 stabilizer, gld, rammer fior the near onject 140 like bloom and aimtime

T-34-3 heatspam stabilizer, rammer and gld

Object 140 frammer, vstab, and vents for trololol DPM

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StuGIII G Binocs/Camo Net/Rammer

M4A3E8 Sherman Vstab/Optics/Rammer

Tiger I Optics/EGLD/Rammer

JgPanzer IV Binocs/Camo Net/Rammer

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907, vstab, optics, rammer.

Leopard 1, vstab, rammer, optics.

50B (xxxx,xxxx,xxxx)

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T-34-1 (rammer,optics,egl) Camo, alpha, turret armor and low profile (really low, you can side hug tiger Ps and they don't have the gun dep to hit you).

Fcm 50T (rammer,optics,vstab) It's like an Indien Panzer (which I was quite fond of) but everything is infinitely better.


M41 Walker bulldoge (optics,vstab,vents) 1500 clip potential which means you can clip out pretty much anything 6-8 and that makes it good for crippling and cleaning up tanks.

Honourabur mentions:59-16, RU 251 and Luchs

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God-tier tank, anyone who enjoys any sort of stealth-sniping absolutely MUST get this tank.

I run GLD, Vents, and Binocs.


2. T49

Super fun derps. Can be useful in Tier 10 games without knowing any weakspots for Tier 10 tanks, other than the basics (me). It's like playing the lottery of fun. Good for RNG-trollfests.

I run GLD, Rammer, and Stabilizer.

Don't have a third fun tank at the moment. Game is becoming really stale, unfortunately. Really waiting on Personal Missions.

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Top three top tier tanks:

1. STB-1 (optics, rammer, vstab) - Love child of 4202 and leo1 with secret Japanese shot bouncing armour

2. Obj 140 (optics, rammer, vstab) - One of the best mediums in tier 10

3. E50 M (optics, rammer , vstab) - heavy medium with ridiculous accuracy and armour and mobility for its class.

(Seeing a pattern?)


Top three lower tier tanks:

1. Cromwell (rammer, GLD, optics) - Speed of a light tank, gun of a medium, aim time of a heavy, dude....

2. T67 (rammer, camo net, binocs) - with camo net this thing is invisible. This thing is extremely small, fast, agile, accurate, fast firing, great gun depression and great accuracy. It has everything you want out of a light/medium/td with the exception to health and ammo.

3. Type 64 (optics, binocs, rammer) - Arguably a better Chaffee. Very op for a premium tonk. Such bais, much wow.

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T67 rammer, gld, binoculars. Stealth ninja, low armor medium, just fun.

M103 rammer, vstab, vents. Loved going through this tank. The crew moved on but the tank is still in my garage. First tier 9.

T29 I haven't played it for a long time I don't even remember if i have a vstab on it.

I just got the FCM 50t and need more games in it to see if it can worm its way in here.

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