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First off, thank you for making a great forum.  There's a ridiculous amount of information here.


I've been lurking it for a couple weeks now and have already picked up some things that, while they won't

make me super tanker of the year, have already made my playing experience better (why did I never notice tracks and 2nd consumable slot are both 5 etc).


So thanks again.

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Glad to see you're learning. Its funny to see how sometimes people will show up here bitch about the game and walk away with nothing.

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I started watching some live streams and replays from Zeven.  He does a good job of explaining the rationale behind his movements.  

I wish I had thought to really look for this stuff before, but you know...Tonks, pew pew...Tiger I  vs the world because of the History Channel.


May my next 9k battles not be as craptastic as my first 9k.

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Just giving myself a bit of follow up, and while I am still a stinker, I am at least a bit less ripe now.  


From 01-01-2015 (When I found WOT Labs):


Battles 1246 

WR 48.96% (up 1.5% vs overall)

Avg Dmg 685 (up 293 vs overall)

Survived 21% (up 4% vs overall)

WN8 869.84 (up 243.77 vs overall)


My last 30 days has seen me have  567 battles with a 51.3% Win Rate.


I attribute most of this to trying to keep my gun in the game as long as possible, and not trying to be the guy that holds a side all by myself.  There can be power in the lemming train.


Thanks again to everyone that has contributed to these forums.





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Nice improvement. I also find Zeven's replays helpful, so dense with information and explanations which is exactly what I need. 

My overall WN8 was around 480 when I found this place and I still re-watch and re-read tons.


Cause I often learn the painful way. On the other hand, I figure it's the learning effing nothin that keeps me young.  :verysmug:

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Keep reading and trying you'll get better
Welcome and good luck


2 things that helped me a ton


Map awareness

Learning camo/vision mechanic

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Crossed into recent light green territory today.  Maybe if I play a decent next 10k matches my overall will start to look respectable.

At least I have a bit of pubbie camo going for me.  Nobody looks to shoot the orange guys right off the bat!!


@killane --- I have watched a bunch of Zeven's replays and streams.  They've helped me look at the maps a lot better..  


This is mostly just a rolling self commentary so I can at least show myself that I am getting a bit better.

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Haven't updated myself recently. Still hanging in green territory.  Having more good days than bad days by my estimation.  Thought the bad ones can really hurt.

Finally Aced the IS-6.  Was a cast iron bitch to Ace for me.



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