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Watch the pubbie completely fail at the end game.

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I picked the T29 because it's a very well known tank and I'm above average in it. Not very above average but enough that you'll only merely wince at my play, not vomit and try to exorcise the demons of fail. Now that I'm getting better I'm reaching the end of game more often. However, once I get there, unless my team is completely owning face, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. And it's really starting to cost me games and frankly rather embarrassing.

This first one is the best example of what I'm talking about:


I know what I'm supposed to do throughout the early and mid game. I am confidently making good (or bad, it's highly possibly I fucked up earlier) decisions but once the Tiger dies and my team is whittled down, I completely blank. And the enemy team handily slaps me around. I know what I should NOT have done which is stay at that spot, however what I should have done, well the gods only know.

This replay follows a similar pattern;


This one is a great deal messier. I start to come apart in the mid-game I would say once I notice the other flank collapsing. I feel I should have either pressed to other cap or gone back immediately. But I didn't, and from there it's all dithering and getting lost (not kidding, I don't know Stalingrad that well) and generally being useless. Again, what I'm doing is bad, what to actually do, I have no idea.

This last one is not so much end or beginning but more about the TD that's with me:


That comet was very savvy and the only reason I lived after he killed my teammate was their team having better things to worry about like my teammates and those same teammates coming to rescue. I feel like I did something really stupid there, probably a lot of stupids but something stupid that ultimately contributed to the death of my only teammate guarding my delicate American butt. What was the stupid thing I did, I know it's there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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