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2.1k overall / 3k recent looking for a home

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Looking for a new clan now that dos imploded

(Rip dos, may Obama resurrect you as a zombie)

2.1k/57% overall

3k/61% recent (solo or platooned with green/yellow friends)

Teir 10s: 140, t62a, t57, 907

Almost at: is7, t110e5, e50m

Looking for a cw clan

Preferably with some tourney teams

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Come play with -APE-. I just ate, so I'm feeling drowsy and can't think of anything persuasive 


Edit: forgot our TS info DERP



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FOXEY is recruiting, always.


We'd love you bring you in for a run. Three nights/week CW attendance and regular tourney teams.

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You should def check out Mahou, but...


rip Obama he will never be forgotten


idk you should probably fight terrorism with LOLI to honor Obama

I'll be on later tonight if you wanna toon


This is a much too stronk method of recruitment, RIP.

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