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Decent random game in WT E100, scoring 7 kills; 6,519 dmg; 8,015 WN8

My team mates died continuously leaving me finally to defend the base with only a mause, who was unfortunately pretty damn far away to help with the base defense. (But who otherwise did a great job!)
I think this replay show some decent WT E100 handling with tactical positioning during the game and a nice final rush when everything seems lost. And of course a happy end - enjoy.

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Two around 10k damage replays. In hindsight I didn't really play that well I just got reasonably lucky with the enemies.

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Early Deployment Spotting

Distracting/ Luring Enemy Fire (safely)

Opportune flank shots

Remaining Serpentine/ Evasive

Frequent Flexing/ Re-positioning

Misdirection whenever "Blinking"/ Cloaking

Cannon Locking/ Preaimed Snapshot

Clutch Braking/ Drifts

8x own tanks HP in DMG

Pool's Medal

1 vs 5


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