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bolshevik replays for glory of motherland

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On 2016-04-20 at 2:48 AM, boxty said:

Hey bolshevik,

Can you set your ADU to upload replays to vbaddict?  I went looking for your replays to find some IS-7 battles and nothing was there.  I like to see the potato games as well as the super unicum matches, especially if they happen on the same maps.


Just did. I used to upload them, think I must have ticked the wrong radio button when I re-installed ADU at some point. Some 558 new replays are slowly uploading so it might take a while, but it should include my IS-7 since I recently got it. That said, I'm really not epic good in the IS-7... Can't even break 2.5k dpg. You should watch Kewei's IS-7 replays they are far more impressive.

Anyways, have an ace battle


Also, this just in from this morning's session, my first T-34-3 ace :disco:


Kind of a big deal for me because I've been really struggling to learn to play this lately.

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1 hour ago, the_bolshevik said:

You should watch Kewei's IS-7 replays they are far more impressive.


I enjoy watching super unicums like Kewei and X3N4, but I lack the situational awareness, reaction speed, and dexterity to pull off what they do.  I just get rekt.

Thanks for the replays. :thumbup:

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On the topic of IS-7 replays, this one was too hilarious not to post. It's not particularly good play, we just faceroll some pubbies in typical IS-7 fashion, but... ram kills.


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It's good to know that ramming the side of a T30 at full speed in an IS-7 does almost 550 damage. But that poor pike nose. . . 

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So I had mostly shit games yesterday, and I think sub-50% WR for the day, but also these two nice(ish) ones.


I randomly run into this dude from my clan in his T49 on my first game of the day. Decided to take my E75 out for a spin as I hadn't played it in ages and I was not disapointed. It has a potato crew mind you, no 6th sense, because the good crew went on to the E100 and I didn't have an extra crew for my fascist boxes. Nonetheless, E75 was too much fun to sell so I kept it around and restarted a 75% crew in it.

It's Pilsen so I do the obvious and go brawl. This one is less good play and more "top tier E75 facerolls everything in it's path". But at one point we've pretty much won the brawl and are down a few tanks as the east side of the map has collapsed. So we go back to defend, and manage to do it brilliantly, getting 11 kills for our platoon in the process.



This is a few games later, and you can tell from the first few minutes that I was already starting to play rather poorly. Poking ineffectively, taking unnecessary damage, and all these dumb things you're not supposed to do. Sometimes I wonder, how am I even purple? Anyways, Live Oaks, south spawn. We go tracks, and my WZ-120 platoonmate decides to cross to the far side early on. Pretty quickly - just after I'm done losing half my health for no reason - the enemies dive under the bridge and begin pushing the marsh side of the railway dike. So I roll back to meet and stop them under the second bridge and manage to do it despite very derpy shots (the good old heat into tracks problem...) as I get some long range TD support. So I quickly dash back to help my stranded platoonmate as he now has a few tanks hard pushing his ass. Unfortunately he dies, but I manage to clear the flank, losing the rest of my hp in the process to an unspotted 122-44 that snipes me as I maneuver under the bridge.

Down on 50hp though, I somehow get better and engage the elusive "don't get hit" mode. I now have to find a way to approach the tier tens that have won their brawl in the city. I still have some support at this point, but they don't seem to be playing super smart. An Obj.140 lets a 183mm blatantly aim in on him while a full hp 50 100 camps in the rear like an idiot and says we should rush onto their cap... Amongst these shenanigans an enemy ST-I makes its way to our cap, so I get in position to defend. I manage to get the reset, and around this time the 50 100 gets one shot by the 183mm. I end up alone against the FV and a JPZ, and manage to kite their view range (thank you camo crew!) to get that surprise first shot and take out the JPZ as they cross the field. I also tried to double bush behind a tree when I took that shot, but for some reason it didn't work and I got spotted.

With 3 min on the clock I know I probably can't cap in time since that would risk him getting on to my cap before I could get to his. So I move in to find the FV and take it out. By exposing a tiny amount of turret I manage to bait him into rushing a shot and missing, and that's the end of it.

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On 5/12/2016 at 7:06 AM, the_bolshevik said:

This one is less good play and more "top tier E75 facerolls everything in it's path".

I can only give it a 9/10 because you failed to ram the Centurion 7/1 that charged you. :P

Thanks for the platoon the other day.  I'm averaging 3.7k Wn8 in the T-44 but my solo WR is below 40%.

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I haven't been playing tenks at all this summer, but today I had a go for the first time in a while and this match put a smile on my face.

Nothing fancy I guess, I just get into people's faces and brutalize them for a while until the hill is won, then defend at the end while my pubbies push on. I think that's a more legit ace than the first one I had earned.


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At this point I'm not sure how many times I've come back to this awful game after a long hiatus, and I'm too afraid to ask. Slowly started playing a few games again over christmas... Hopefully this time around I can finish my grind to the WZ-120 and stomp enough faces with it to reach 60% overalls so I can finally retire as a true unicorn.

Anyways two weeks ago I played my first real 10+ game session in a long time.. Was platooned with some old pals and just as I was about to leave we were rewarded with an epic last match. Crucial contribution is always nice to pull off.


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