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AMX 50B Replay Review

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After my initial fail when I posted something similar to this in the initial thread explaining the existence of this subforum, here is my official help_me_I_is_bad poast!


Replay (if you want more to get a better sense of my 50B gameplay I can upload moar, but this is the first replay that comes to mind when I think of games in which I could have done more)




Thank you for your feedback!

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Starting to watch it now.


12:30: You are really just sitting around doing nothing. 50b has one of the best guns in the game, and you sit on the back slope of a hill as they push. Either get shots or move elsewhere.


Too be honest there really wasn't much you could have done from your initial deployment. Teams fold very quickly to E-100s with a lot of support. In that exact game pushing from the south probably would have been better, but it is such a rare occurrence that it never really pays off.

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