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Help on Multi Hitlog mod

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Does anyone know how to make this WN8 calculation only? All of the logs take up too much space :( And I already have a damage received log that comes with my damage panel mod. If this is possible, can someone help? Thanks a lot :)

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Editing the config file to ExpD gives you a very small box in the top right corner of the screen. It has WN8 and required expected damage for 1k wn8. I don't think that is big. If you ONLY want wn8, you need to edit  that ExpD file yourself and remove everything you don't want.

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      +UPS, OS, ssd and hdd, and most importantly new headset - razer kraken kitty edition. Just below 10k PLN/2,3k EUR/2,4k$/2k GBP.
      Minecraft should work in stable 60 fps, I guess? Forza horizon 4/NFS Heat in 720 or 1080p and medium settings? DCS? I didn't buy it to play in 4k, max details and ray tracing, I'm fine with tweaking stuff. And since it's AM4 socket - cheaper ryzen 7s when?
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      Poor financial decisions 2022 edition report:
      Went for 80 boxes (the 20 for each type package) which is all I can spare this year to drop on this game.
      $4,500,000 credits.
      29,850 gold
      58 days premium time
      Skins for the Object 268v4, FV 4005 (last year), the Super Conq, the new Strv one, and the Rino.
      1 SU-2-122 (the double barreled low-tier TD)
      1 PZ.38H
      1 PZ.KW1
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      2 Harry Hopkins
      3 'big' premiums - got the Char pretty early (within 20 boxes), then the Iron Arnie with my 50-box pity mechanism, and then the BZ in the last set of 10 boxes, so pretty lucky.
      Overall better than last year, on account of nailing 3 of the main premiums. I also got about 2k more gold compared to last year, although less premium time (although this doesn't really matter as I still had over 300 days on my account as it keeps getting topped up by Battle Pass). I'm also pretty happy with the skins I got, the Super Conq and the FV one are very nice.
      The event itself this year is way worse though - far more grindy and with a lot of dumb/useless gimmicks that I'm not interested in. Not a fan.
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