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Hi everyone, my IGN is sundanceHelix and I live in Singapore, playing on the SEA server.


TLDR: sundanceHelix is still quite tomato, here to learn more. Keep learning. Play better. Learn more. Play better.


Long version:


I have recently decided to more or less abandon the SEA official forums as I find I cannot find sufficient information there for my liking. For those who have helped me there before, if you read this, please know that I have been immensely grateful for your help and remain so.


Currently standing at ~6.5k games played, of which 2k-3k were played as complete tomato (lol 900+ games in Hetzer).

Began tracking stats and playing more seriously after that.

Been gradually improving with recent WN8 stats at average tier 5-6 being well above 1500 (last 1000 games) and above 1600 (last 500 games).

Played exclusively TD and SPG for more or less first 5k games before venturing into heavies as well (KV1S and T1 Heavy lines, aiming up the IS line and up to the T29 for US line). Have done decently well in heavies so far, with acquired knowledge and skills.

At 6k games mark I thought to venture into lights but was discouraged from doing so (by advice from more experienced players in forums) in favour of doing mediums instead. As such, began playing the T-34 line and am currently working on improving map awareness, situational awareness, and decision-making for medium gameplay. 

I have recently sold my GWP as I haven't played it for weeks, my only SPG being the Bert for the sheer lulz. 


I came to wotlabs forums for two reasons: firstly I came across wotlabs forums while googling for WoT gameplay tactics/knowledge, and second I found the wotlabs forums more useful and a heck of a lot richer in knowledge.


Challenges I face in-game. I have a head for tactics (in theory) but lack the in-game skills to translate those into actual gameplay (probably why I found clicking easy in TDs and SPGs, like all tomatoes). Initially had difficulties contributing consistently to the battle until maybe 3k-5k games played where I started being aware of, and applying principles/thought processes from streams, guides, forums etc.


Goals. Trying to maintain a 1700-2000 average wn8 with my current tanks (had an average 1800 for the past week). (SU100 gun tends to troll me a fair bit for that, though.) Working on medium gameplay as well as my crew in the T-34. Working on heavy gameplay in the KV1S (lingering at KV1S for at least 6th sense) and the T1 Heavy (just progressing up until T29 without stopping). Hoping to learn theory basics of light tank gameplay for later on.


Other things about me. I just graduated from law school so I'm working now. Have some other IRL commitments too, so occasionally I skip a couple days without playing WoT. This inconsistency/uncertainty also prevents me from getting into good, active clans where I could possibly accelerate my learning process. (English-speaking) clan options are also limited in SEA. Additionally NA streams are during my daytime, EU streams are past midnight for me, etc. So... GG much. Stay up late at night trying to catch Circon and QB. Lol.

Anyway, I always want to learn, and if you have any generic advice for me it's always welcome. Looking forward to an accelerated learning journey here with all of you.



UPDATE 31st August 2015
My account was created a year ago, on 25th August 2014. Taking stock...
One year in, I have 13,150 games played. Overall 1501 WN8 and 54.43% victories at average Tier ~6. I have one T10 (E100) and one T9 (E75), several T8s. Current recents are 1900-2000 WN8 with 57-59% WR at average Tier ~7.5. Comfortable with all battle tiers except T10. Generally comfortable with all classes now, largely reluctant to play TDs and SPGs in general.
Goals: Trying to achieve and maintain a >2k WN8 at high tiers. Grinding out CW viable tanks so as to join a good clan. Improving decision-making, tactical sense and knowledge. Master T10 meta.

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Hi SH, I've seen you almost twice in pub games haha. I wonder if you will care platooning with probably lower beginner than you are. We probably have the same timezone as I'm in GMT+7 and I'm playing T6-7 as well. 

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Welcome. Good that you arrived here; a thick skin and twisted sense of humour will serve you well. Tread lightly in Shenanigans and you should be fine la.

Or become a Patron and see all the flipped out shit in the NSFW plaza or Lidded Garbage Can!

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@ThePowerOfLove Being forewarned, I guess I'll just not touch it with a ten-foot pole. XD


@vonTeslacx I'd be happy to, as long as we're both improving and learning.


@kolnidur You almost persuade me to be a Patron. :P

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Just checking in again six months in... I have learnt a lot, become Patron, and improved my gameplay a fair bit.


Massive shoutout to all you awesome chaps who have shared useful information and taught me much here - in Wotlabs, streamers/Youtubers (Zeven in particular) as well as prolix from FLEX.


Currrent challenge is still on increasing situational awareness, making tactical decisions (withdrawal, aggressive play), and becoming more consistent in performance as I sometimes still completely donk out. Still a long journey ahead - rage against WG and all (gg pen nerfs) - but I guess I'm enjoying it, even if there's a bit of hatelove in there.


Cheers and thanks Wotlabs and Wotlabbers.

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Final update

In 15 months since I joined Wotlabs I have gone from playing badly to playing decently across all tiers (except when I donk out). While I chase in-battle performance and not stats, I think the change in my stats also reflects how far I've come. (Ignore my current purple WN8 - it's padded from a number of lower-tier grinds I'm doing now and will disappear soon enough.)

I have to say thank you to the Wotlabs community at large for this progress. Thanks to all the streamers and Youtubers from whom I have learnt a great deal as well - @Zeven, @JunkersHiryu, Circon, @Anfield, @Orzanel, Foch, @LemmingRush, @WaterWar... I want you to know that your media makes a difference for those of us seeking to learn. Thank you very much. (Yes, I spend about as much time watching tanks media as I do playing.) Special shoutout to @prolix for a lot of guidance, and for taking me under his wing while I was a tomato.

Currently I still have a lot of improvement to do for playing Tier 10s. The lack of exposure (only two T10s and a couple of hundred games) is certainly a factor, and I think it will improve over time.

Two factors cause me to underperform initially at high tiers. First, I overvalue the tank, which causes me to play more carelessly and consequently suffer for it. I hated the E75, E100, T-54 and Obj140 initially, struggling badly (they were my first ever top tiers). However, over time I have become more calculated in play, and this is reflected in my better starting performance in the Lorraine and T-10. The second factor is not being used to high tier 'meta'. Over time, this has improved, and I pull 3-4k damage games easily in my Tier 10s now (as compared to shit play when I first bought them).

All this said, I have found that my situational awareness and decision-making has improved by leaps and bounds as compared to when I first joined Wotlabs and up to late last year. This has improved my in-battle performance - which I use to measure how good a player I am. This is all thanks to a lot of input from many sources.

At this point I'm just working on improving consistency and further refining the thought processes in-game. There's definitely still a lot of room for improvement, and I think this will get better over time.

I call this a final update because I do not have any more reason to update this thread. At this point I think the way forward is pretty straightforward for me - knowing what I'm okay at and what I need to fix. This is basically it for documenting my improvement as a player since my tomato days.

As an afterthought, interestingly, even after shunning TDs for almost a year, TDs still take up >35% of my battles played. Also, my SPG % is still higher than either my LT or MT %. Tells you how much a TD/SPG shitter I was before. I mean, seriously, how the fuck did I ever play almost 1k battles each in the StuG, Hetzer and post-nerf Hellcat? Pretty retarded.


sundance out. o7

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Hi everyone,

Posting here because over the last couple of months, I have become a lot more active once again on Tanks and had to relearn a lot of things. Some thoughts.

I got really shit at reading battle flow due to the hiatus. I'm slowly but surely clawing my way back up from green (I was playing at 2k+ recents with 56/57% WR before going inactive). The stock grinds of multiple lines of Tier 7s, 8s, and 9s did not help.

I still tend to over-aggro, this is really bad in a passive server like SEA server where the team to attack first usually gets punished harshly. I'm (re)learning to play patiently rather than try to force the frontlines and lose all my HP early.

Still learning how to play mediums (in general) to their greatest effect, with all the flexing and applying pressure.

Micropositioning and micro-decision-making is still an issue. Instead of sidescraping to check corners where nothing has been spotted, or when shooting an enemy, I still tend to drive straight out to shoot and gamble that I won't be shot in return, regardless of their reload status. As mentioned above, I also do tend to overcommit to 'good' positions without continually checking if team is with me (often isn't).


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