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Driving Fat Fatties on Prokhorovka

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The one time I've rolled out with my KV4 onto Prok, it was standard and I was really lucky in that I witnessed an enemy-shits-pants game of epic proportions. By all rights, they should have eaten my team alive. Arty, a couple of waffles, and some faster heavies and they got to the hill first and so on. I went onto the eastern side of the tracks and up through town because I frankly, couldn't think of what else to do with myself. The Western line was not option because waffles. Hill definitely not, because I'm in a giant brick. In the end it didn't matter, not even arty took a shot at me. It was sad; I felt bad. I just ended up shooting a bunch of poor bastards as they were shoved down the hill and then milled there. But next time, I'm not going to be lucky enough to encounter a team that chokes that bad. So what do you do with super-heavies on Prokhorovka?

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From what I have heard you basically go middle or play the back side of the hill. And then pray arty does not fancy you. SR has e100 replays (they might be 9.4) on prok in which he does very well, they should show ultra heavy positioning. 

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From what I have heard you basically go middle or play the back side of the hill. And then pray arty does not fancy you. SR has e100 replays (they might be 9.4) on prok in which he does very well, they should show ultra heavy positioning. 


Ask and ye shall receive. This was a few days ago, E-100 Prok.



And from yesterday, IS-6 on Prok (Encounter).


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I'm no purple, but I've had some damn good games on prok, and the majority of them in heavies seem to come from playing the 6 line initally. If there's a lot of arty it is going to suck, of course, but  that's the name of the map.  I even bring mobile casemate TDs 6 line sometimes with reasonable results.

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As for how to play mid - I haven't watched SR's replay, but it's probably a clinic.  It takes a good level of caution and care to be able to effectively project force from mid:


  • If there's arty you need to assume it's on you, and when you get lit you need to move erratically - and in a lateral direction relative to where their arty is (east/west)
  • Your main goal is to shoot the tanks on top of the hill... without getting shot up too much by the people on the other side of the field, or (worse) the 1/2 line. If you're taking hits from 1/2, you're doing something wrong
  • Your secondary goal is to work the people on the other side of mid that push up too far. This is much better in tanks with good depression, but careful use of terrain with a bouncy turret can also work in your favor
  • Pay very close attention to regions of the map that your team controls - specifically on the hill and on 1/2.  If your guys are pushed up 1/2 and fighting, you can get away with being more exposed to 1/2 - and vice versa, if your team is making progress on the hill, it's less likely you'll get shot up from the hill when you're spotted. Use these as opportunities to assist any side you have shots on.
  • Mistakes can be punished by insta-death on this map if you're playing mid, so it's generally better to be cautious than too aggressive.  Your presence creates a lot of useful area denial if you're not being too passive positionally, and that alone can save your hill chai snipers from taking a lot of damage by keeping the guy on the other side honest.  If the red tanks are up where they can easily shoot people on the hill, spotting them and angling for shots on them if they've overextended will drive good players back, and help kill bad players.
  • The south side is stronger than the north side, but the position is important on both sides of the map.


Tanks I've brought to there with good effect:


RU meds

UK meds

Light tanks (Bulldog)

Lightly armored tanks (Leopard, 13 90)

Casemate TDs: Jagpanzer 4, JP, JPII - pretty sure I've had a couple good Object 907 games there as top tier with few 9s in game, but the 907 is a tank I wouldn't typically bring to that area of the map - but the German mid tier TDs can work there with some team compositions (I'll more often bring a TD to the hill)

Turreted TDs: T30, E4, T25/2, etc.

Heavies: E5, T57, IS7, E100


You need to play to your advantages of course. The tanks with more depression can get away with more supression of the other side. The casemate TDs with good depression can do pretty well here too (JPI has nice depression and bouncy superstructure), but you need to be super duper cautious of hill with them.  JP4 is all about side shots on the hill and is terrible for fighting the people in front of you due to the penetration of the gun, but if you can lay in to someone and track them.... ouch!


The lighter tanks obviously need to be super cautious and need to flex more so they're not shot up, but this is usually made up for with good gun handling. Mistakes will be punished more harshly.


With E100 and the like - bouncy but bad depression, slow to aim gun - you need to be cautious about exposure. If your team is doing well you can play pretty conservatively and simply deny your opponents advantage, but if the team is failing elsewhere you'll need to use your HP judiciously and effectively to help turn the tide.


In low HP tanks (T25/2) preserving HP is pretty much the most important thing.

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I'm the weirdo who loves Prok. It's the map I feel I can make the biggest difference on simply because I play it right. Or, at least I think I do.


And unless it's super crowded, everything goes 6 line. I take my AT-15 to the 6 line and do well. Don't do the outside of the tracks thing. That's a job for hellcats and other invisi snipers. It's not even an important job.

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If south spawn, feel free to go hill, but don't actually push over unless you significantly outnumber them. Even then, be careful, there's so many angles that north spawn has on the hill. North spawn, go hill, and keep guys spotted, again, don't actually push over unless significant advantage. 


Also, middle is vital. Middle is where your hill people might get wrecked from. But middle is also where arty either takes a diarrheal dump on you or you get extremely lucky and you can farm ridiculous amounts of damage from.


Try to conserve your health so that you can use it as a tool to root out those annoying little fuckers that camp west. 


IMO, this is a pretty shit map. Nothing good about it, everyone camps, boring as fuck.

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How to approach to this map besides pussy camping on hill (base)?



  1. punch screen 
  2. punch keyboard 
  3. rage in chat (lol nope banned)



One thing that I found is if you decide to go hill, hug the red line -- that puts you just over the view range of the chai snipers on the other side of the train tracks. Doesn't help with cancer though.

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I'm sure it was worth the stress relief.


What I do in a fatty on Prok depends on whether I'm in a platoon. If I'm platooned with a medium or something mobile, I'll go to anchor and spot the hill while trying to get shots into the centre, while my platoon-mate spots middle and shoots guys I spot on the hill. Coordinated spotting can be amazing for winning this way, sometimes. If I'm solo, I usually sit in the middle and poke up to get shots on people on hill when they're lit.

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