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Stug IV feedback?

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7 minutes ago, RichardNixon said:

On skill-adjusted stats, there aren't any worse tanks at the tier. Only the AMX 105 AM gets close. Because it's tier 5 you can still carry games if you're good enough, but you will be handicapping yourself.

It's an oddly popular tank though, so apparently some people do get a kick out of playing it. Either that or they're really desperate for a crew trainer.

Probably a lot of people unlock it and play it  for a bit simply because it is a reward tank with special matchmaking. And the model isn't half bad in the looks department. ;)

As for the stats, I'm sure you're correct. My evaluation of the tank is 100% subjective so...

One thing that did surprise me is how hard it has been to get an Ace Mastery Badge. You think 5 kills and 2200 damage in one game would do it... lol

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I've played a few in it, I think it's fine overall though likely below average. It's kind of tough to rate sheltereds at a glance because the advantage of facing weaker enemies is hard to grasp intuitively. Side by side with the SU-85i it doesn't look competitive though.

The gun handling stands out as pretty impressive for a low tier tank and it it has many good qualities of the Stug, but a lot of subtle nerfs compared to the Stug III add up to an overall less enjoyable vehicle. The gun traverse is noticeably narrower, the armor is noticeably weaker, the shell velocity is much slower which is a pain for a dedicated sniper, and the overall mobility is of course less. It feels like playing a Stug III underwater or something with only gun handling improvement in exchange.

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I got tired of making 3rd moe on my RU, so I came back to little bit lower tiers. I dont want to waste time, so prefered premium or special vehicles to make my crews better. I made 2nd moe on StuG IV and uploaded my dossier to vbaddict to see target dmg for 3rd one.

1050 :O

For example 3x better t-34 required only 900.

Propably it is as high because players playing like bots cant get it. Anyway - good challange for me.

At beginning i hated this tank, but now i started to enjoy it. I use rammer, binoculars and vent (was gun drive before, but i noticed that StuG doesnt really need it). Thinking about using cammo net.

My crew is now 2.7 perk. Wasnt even one when I started.


-gun aims very fast. Making gun drive not necessary.

-rof - 3.09s without rations (BiA and vent)





-pen and low speed of bullet - especially on AP


-view range making binoculars must have


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This tank is pretty bad on most aspect. Just the ROF is almost the same as E25. 


Because the tank is bad, so it's kinda easy to 3rd marked it.



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8 hours ago, 91manius said:

At beginning i hated this tank, but now i started to enjoy it


I got mine, parked it, traped it and it's still in my garage somewhere I think. One loader is helping on the JT88 and the Jagdpanther, the rest of the crew is just playing cards and drinking schnaps...

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The stug 3 shits on it in every way apart from aim time. The stug 3s gun is still competitive in tier 7 (anyone been pew pewed in an e-25), so the fact that the stug 4 has limited MM doesn't really mean that much.

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I have 46 battles in it. 54% win rate, 1483 wn8 in the vehicle. Currently set to train part of my Pz.Sfl.IVc crew. They have around 50% camo skill. In a proper bush , it can do alright. Still, there is room for improvement on my part. Seems fine unless you get spotted.

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This little tank is actually pretty good to me. First looked at the stats and begun comparing it with the Stug3 that won it in almost everything and decided to let the StugIV rot in the garage. However tried it a few times to train my Jagdtiger crew and actually this is pretty good for its tier. The gun shoots fast and has great aiming time. Pen is lacking but the volume of well-aimed fire kind of makes up for it. I kinda like it. It is not a turd in my opinion. Worth playing now and then and definitely worth for crew training purposes as a higher tier crew helps a lot in tier 5.

BUT the most redeeming thing and how my comments should be viewed is its preferential MM. It would be really bad with normal MM.

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Hetzer with the same gun is better. 0.2 acc and some aim time are not worth the rest of crappy package.

It can be top tier in tier 4 battles often, has better armor, same sluggishness (Stug 3 is much faster than both), and both are blind as a bat. 

And Hetz can mount 105 mm, but it changes the playstyle too much to compare.

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Still, Hetz with 75 mm is better than stug IV in the same matchup...when tier 3s penetrate you as cheese, it is frustrating. I believe the traverse is much worse then stated on wiki IRL, because Stug 4 has weaker engine than Stug 3. Both Stug III and Hetz have better real values, because they got more powerful engines to unlock.

Sold it after 60 or so battles, when I retrained my Waffle 4 crew to Jagdtiger for credits, and brought them back to 100%.

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