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Traverse speed test - Clutch Braking vs Offroad Driving

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I was wondering how much Offroad Driving - which improves terrain resistance on soft and medium terrain - would impact the actual traverse speed of a tank and if it maybe could be more beneficial to effective traverse speed than Clutch Braking, which gives a flat 5% bonus. Since yesterday was the last day for the 50% discounts I took the opportunity to test it myself for just 200 gold.


I chose Lakeville as testing grounds and my M46 Patton as test vehicle. I chose three testing spots and then spun my tank a couple of times around while recording everything with Shadowplay. Later I analyzed the video files in a video editing software to count the frames.


Results (in frames @ 30fps):

	clutch braking	/	offroad driving

soft		383	/	360

medium		200	/	210

hard		200	/	210 

There was a slight difference, medium might be one frame higher than stated, I would have needed to record at a higher framerate to catch it. Maybe I need to test it on another map again, but either there is close to no difference from hard to medium terrain or the roads around the church on Lakeville do not count as hard terrain.


As you can see on medium and hard terrain Clutch Braking works as advertised, but it gets absolutely rekt by Offroad Driving on soft ground. Side note: the cruising speed through the valley of noobs is roughly 6 kph higher with Offroad Driving. Since the better acceleration you'll get from Offroad Driving is also noticeable on medium terrain I think it's a much more valuable skill than Clutch Braking if you want to increase a tanks agility.



Hope this helps!



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I believe Off Road Driving reduces resistance by 5% on Hard, 10% on Medium and 20% of soft so this test seems to confirm that.  However, there's very few times I'm putting myself in soft terrain so I still prefer Clutch Braking on Heavies/Turretless TDs.

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Nice of you to wait and test until after the event :P

Good to compare w/o clutch and offroad and also compare a couple tanks (one with very good ground resistance and one with terrible). That will show whether there is the old camo effect, where it is a more substantial benefit for bad GR tanks. Test server will open soon and be a good way to test this.

Where was your medium test? Maybe the medium location counted as hard? It is possible that the lakeville streets are medium though, since they are cobblestone. Maybe pick the road on highway just to confirm.

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