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Gameplay Links and Information Thread for Beginners

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This is just a basic beginner's list to help acclimate newbies into the tanking world of what to- and what not to do and to help understand the mechanics a little better.



Explains and helps pinpoint areas you should aim for in Tiers 3-6. Very Detailed. Has Pics!


Explains and helps pinpoint areas you should aim for in Tiers 7-10. Very Detailed. Has Pics!


Explains basic aiming habits you should learn when targetting a tank. Has Pics!


More to add when not busy at work.~




After reading the above, go here for juicy Information Overload! XD



A collection of Wargaming Tutorial Playlists you should watch as well (Thanks AgentIce)

Beginner Tutorial Parts 1-5


Tank Academy for the Semi-Advanced Parts 1-4


Explaining Mechanics: Camouflage and Penetration

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