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Please review my replays, senpai!

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I'm looking for some constructive criticism on how I've been playing recently.

These replays aren't from one of my best days, -actually, this was one of my worst days- but I need some advice on how to improve my win rate and to improve my average damage to perform at something like a blue/dark blue player level again.


Replay 1

Replay 2

Replay 3

Replay 4



I've tried being more aggressive, and I think it worked better.

Replay 5

Replay 6


[EDIT 2]

I had taken a break for a couple of days, and I feel as though I've lost my touch. Again. I've been playing a variety of different tanks, and I'm not feeling as though I'm playing them adequately.

I'd really like these replays to be reviewed ASAP. Thanks. :smallsmile:

Replay 7

Replay 8

Replay 9

Replay 10

Replay 11

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This isn't in anyway intended to mock you etc. etc. 

In the screenshots I've tried imagining what your thought process was. 


You were just plain to passive, you were with 3 heavies and another t6 against 3 of their mediums. If you don't want to push into them, do realize that you and your platoon mate were both toptiers. Don't waste your gun by sitting on one side waiting for the enemy to give you opportunities. 


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Before the battle: Manual fire extinguisher....That's a no no. Platoon with a t7 - acceptable but not preferable.



Situational awareness, just because you can't shoot something doesn't mean it can't shoot you. This e75 was going to die anyhow, whether you suicided or not.

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Thank you so much, koel!

In retrospect, I probably should have gone back to defend mid. 

I really appreciate your advice!

I just watched your steppes replay. I think you need to be a bit more aggressive...or well a lot more. At the end you tried to kill the e75 because he posed a threat to your team as a t9 heavy. While I do understand that you'd want him off the field getting yourself in a bad spot just to kill him isn't worth it. You need to value your own HP more than the enemies. I also suggest that whenever you go into a position or intend to do so, ask yourself "What can I shoot and what can shoot  me" 

Usually that should determine whether or not it's a good idea.

And last tip: If you do encounter yourself in the situation where you'll be taking shots from multiple sides(which shouldn't happen), your front armor towards the (most) enemies helps.

If I get some time I'll watch your other ones more detailed.

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Oh, by the way koel, with being "a lot more aggressive", I've tried that, but it never seems to work for me. Unfortunately, I did have a replay showing what I was doing, but I cannot find it, nor be bothered to find it. But I will try to be a bit more aggressive, and update you on that.


Also, I did say at the start that this was one of my "bad" days, and studying my stats would prove that pretty easily. I would've liked to find some "average" replays -or even good replays-, but I'd rather not fish through my endless replay library to find said "average" replays. If I have an average/good day, I'll post another 1 or 2 replays here, as well as my progress with being more aggressive.


And again, thanks for your help!

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I swear to god bjsh, if you wrote this again...


Sand River

(Note, this is a review of what I  would do in certain situations)



-Do you have an Auto Fire Extinguisher? It's best you equip one, since 1 tick>2-3+ ticks scrambling to put it out

-It's also best you turn off servercross, it's hard leading/aiming with 200+ ping (personal experience). But if you can pull it off, fine.


First Error:


You were sniping at the back. Not only does this mean you're not going to hit anything (with reasonable accuracy), but you also left your platoon-mate to take the hits. I suggest moving with your platoon-mate next time.


[bad advice]

Second Error:


A quick glance at the minimap shows:


-T28 spotted at the back

-Tiger (P) to your side, and a BP on the other side

-Friendly T32 YOLO'ing a VK and Cromwell


Since peeking there in your spot is a bad idea, you should have gone around, leaving your platoon-mate to distract the T28. By going through the other side and distracting/brawling the BP, you could have:


-Freed up another entry point, flanking the Tiger (P)

-Freeing up the T32 a bit, since it might have distracted the VK

[/bad advice]


Third Error:



Even with APCR, penetrating the front is hard. You should have focus-fired the (P), since you can at least damage him (This could have been a game-winning move).


Final Error:

SzyLj0T.pngAt 10 seconds left, it was impossible to YOLO the (P), you'd never reach there in time. From your position, it was still possible to hit the (P), and potentially win the game.


Other than playing a bit too cowardly, you did everything I would have done so, eh.

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I swear to god bjsh, if you wrote this again...


(Insert short review here)


Nah m8. I only suggested that he give a little bit of context so it isn't just a replay dump thread.

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I can back that statement up. :^)


Why/how are you still on this site at this time with all those computer rules your parents set (and presumably enforce)?

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Interesting game...

  1. Nobody goes to that spot really. The FV215b went to the right spot (mid). You get shots to like every place of the map.
  2. You then rushed out into the open to go to the main road in the city and, as a tier 8 in a tier 10 game, pushed towards their side of the map while being COMPLETELY EXPOSED. You should've been vaporized. It's a miracle that you didn't. Reckless stuff like that gets you killed.
  3. After the E-100 saves your ass (you didn't really hide yourself behind the buildings), you decided to sidescrape against a JPE100. In a tier 8. With AP loaded... It's like you have a death wish or enjoy bouncing for reasons.
  4. You pushed aggressively when it was clear that you won the flank, but it was definitely a better idea to go towards mid...

Yeah, you made two big mistakes in that game. You just kind of decided you wanted to die, so you YOLOed towards half of their team, who outtiered you. Then you decided to stay and fight after you got your ass kicked...

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