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Looking for clan

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Like the previous guy I've been picking up my SEA account and moving over from NA because I want to eventually do clan wars.


This is me on SEA Server:



My highest non-premium is currently a tier 6 since I only have about 1000 games on the server (and the first 500 were when i was brand new to the game ie awful), so I'm really just looking for an active english-speaking clan (with a TS) that will platoon mid-tier with me as I grind towards tier 10s and do the missions, because solopubbing on this server makes me very sad some nights.  But long-term I want to be involved in clan wars.


I am grinding towards an Obj 140 and a Batchat.  

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You could come and join PBFG (sub clan of PBKAC Asia) if your interested in playing around 6-10pm SG/server time. Mainly focusing on platoons and stronkholds atm.

Jump on PETCO TS tomorrow night if your interested or PM me

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