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This is the most insane, wat inducing game of tanks I've had in a long time. It almost defies description. Lakeville seems designed to induce crazy but this took the biscuit, from the suiciding 183 to the goat path heavy tank YOLO to the WTHE-100.


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1/3 of the people in that match did 0 damage.  10 people did 0 damage...wtf? If I include the e4 that did 200 damage That'll be 11. How can you be so useless as to do 0 damage on a map like lakeville?  There's no explanation for that.

I didn't watch the replay but I can see you had a nice match.

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I just watched it back again. I didn't even notice the enemy TK their Bat arty and claim it was a misclick. Strange, strange game.

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