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Hi Guys,


anyone of you having some experience on playing WoT on a 'cheap' Windows tablet?


I just saw a video of a guy playing WoW on a 200Ł tablet and got me wondering.



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I played WoT once on my friends Surface Pro and it was kinda interesting to test it out. It isn't that bad but the overall tablet is kinda itchy to use, still my PC will stay my main platform for WoT

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If i remember correctly there was something on the official wot forum about needing testers for browsers. This might mean SOONTM (in reality probably never) that wot may be playable through a browser making tablets such as the surface pro 3 a viable option.



My idea is to play WOT where you arent supposed to play normally

 I believe this was their intentions for blitz, which from the few times i've played it, seems to actaully have a strong enough playerbase (not sure if they are making much money off of it though)

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A surface pro would have no trouble, but the cpu power in the Atom/Mullins tablets, likely wont be up to the task plus the gpu in the atom based ones will be utterly shit so it'd be pretty ugly.


Not many Mullins base tablets if any sadly they would be your best bet for something more affordable than a surface pro, is a decent one coming out in February, price in unknown though. only source is in jap. http://pc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20141015_671345.html


Actually i can find out if it could run it as i have higher wattage version of the architecture that came before the one in a Mullins cpu in my htpc.(performance should be similar assuming that the one in the tablet can maintain 2ghz >.>) though it's not set up yet and i'd have to try get wot to run through wine. >.>

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