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WOO WOO Finally a PC WOT Player

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I also started out on the XBOX (about 4,500 games) before migrating to the PC at the end of last year.  Both versions are very fun for me and unique in their own way (still playing the XBOX, too, just not as much as before).


I think you'll enjoy the PC more and more as you go along - especially once you get used to the controls and the physical speed of the tanks, which move a lot slower than on the 360.   Upgrading your rig makes a big difference, too.  I started out on a 5 year old desktop running minimum settings and just upgraded to a new one last week that can run at max settings.  The new system has made a huge visual difference, has less jittery tank movements, and seemingly faster aiming response for the reticle to start shrinking (even though my ping is the same).


Now if I could only decide on whether to wade into using mods or not!  I'll most likely stay vanilla for at least a while, so I am not changing too many things at one time.


Best of luck!

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