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Black and White Supremacy [PNDAS] is recruiting (sort of)!

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Are your stats blue or purple?

Are you sick of clan wars or just want to take a break?

Do you LOVE pandas and other furry critters?

Do you enjoy feasting on the blood of your enemies having an extremely cute panda logo on your tanks?

Then Black and White Supremacy may be right for you!

14b26oo.jpg<-- This could be you, crushing the pubbie beneath the weight of your furry might!


Lets be honest, pandas are basically the best animal ever, and that's why this clan has the superb panda theme to go along with its excellent player base.


B&W Supremacy is a casual clan for exceptional players (and my friends). Come join, make friends, rub elbows with other blunicums/unicums, platoon, do tournaments, or pretty much anything you want. There is no agenda here, except having a fun community of goods where you can come and go as you please.

Stat requirements are a must so that not just any old skrebs will join, so here they are:

WN8 overall: 1800

WN8 recent: 2500

Reqs are not set in stone, so if you're a chill tanker and really want in hit me up.


So come, join me on this amazing journey to whatever it is we may be doing soon.

Clan wars taking too much out of you? This is how you tell them 'I quit'!


Some pub insults your style? Show them who's boss!


But most of all, keep the way of the panda, and I know you'll prosper in this life.

13yo0sm.jpgStay fluffy, my friends.

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that emblem..........................omfg you know I'm down


Shifty why? You were supposed to join ping D:


Edit Otto is cuter 

Edited by Grister

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