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1427 60D WN8 || LF CW E100, Batchat

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I recently started playing again after an extended break. I'm looking for a CW clan and maybe some strongholds/TC's. I had to brush off some rust, so my 60D WN8 is pretty low, but I have averaged ~1800 this past week, which is a trend that hopefully continues.


I have: E-100, Batchat


Currently going up: British mediums (at comet), American arty (at m40/43), American turret-less TD's (at t25 at)


I also have a 68% win rate in WoWP if that ever becomes a thing.


Contact me here or in-game if I'm online. I have a mic and TS/mumble/etc installed.


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Clan: Riot Makers

We have a great clan of 40 some players that platoon and do multiple platoon count-ins. We also try to do Strongholds once a week or more, but just when people are on and want to. We have requirements which are 1k WN8 and 50% win rate, so the rest of the clan are all good players that you don't have to worry about carrying on your back in a fight. If you're interested come check us out and fill out an application form at our website. If not then best of luck finding a clan you like and have a great day of tanking my friend.



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