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Advice on Lights in general, and the French

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Hi all.

I'm having trouble with Light tanks in general.

I started my WoT career on the American TD line, went into the Russian heavies.


I currently have the ELC, the AMX 12t (working towards Batchat eventually).

I have the Chaffee, Luchs. 

I know French lights are a little different than regular lights.

But aside from the occasional pretty good game. I can't seem to be consistently good in any of these tanks.


I know that not having 6th sense is a major setback. So maybe that's all it is. Maybe that one skill breaks light tanks for me and I just have to suffer through bad games (and yea.. I kinda care about stats. Not enough to stay away from tank lines I don't know.. but enough that when I do bad, I get a little upset).


I need some help though. I can't seem to find the groove.

I'll provide stuff as necessary.

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Use your speed or your camo, preferable both.

That means if you sit in a good scout map (ie any ...-ovka map, Lakevile etc) and are low tier you probably want to use your tank to scout (active or passive, depends on the map).

If you get a bad map for a scout (ie city maps) you rather try to annoy and get some dmg in unaware enemies. Try to get always where the gun is not pointed and shoot until it points towards you. The more enemies you distract the better your chances get. (if 3 heavies concentrate on you on kharkov, you probably won your flank already :D)


Of course this also depends heavily on the tank you re driving. A Aufkl. Panther has problems with active scouting in Prokarovka while the 1375 cant pen anything in the city as low tier. Try to use your speed to compensate that. (so try to get to their rear if you fail to pen the side or get over the ridge with full speed and the enemy will have a hard time to hit your big but fast tank.)

I can recommend to always be moving (as long as you dont passive scout). Get 3 shots of, disappear and pop out on the other side to suprise the enemy. If you get spotted in one bush, get back and try another one.


Imortant thing: Survive.

Nearly no tank is as good in the late game than a light. Even if you fail to affect the battle in the first 10min, you still can turn the tide in the last 5min. Use again your speed and vision games (ie spot in a bush, back up 15m and shoot unspotted) to outspot the enemy and get a big advantage.




About 6th sense, its good but not necessary. If you get spotted as passive scout you ll notice it by gun pointing at you (or you are already dead after 3 sec). As an active scout you will just use it to get more aggressive. If you dont spot anything but you are lit, you know there is sth. Without 6th sense just try to know on which places you will probably get lit and where you are safe.


Edit: Oh and read Marine's scout article: http://wotlabs.net/articles/scouting-where-to-start/

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