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Tips needed - how do I take my gameplay beyond WN8 3400+?

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Ok, so I'm getting to this point where my Last 1K swings between 3250 and 3400, but there seems to be a sort of a glass ceiling for me at the moment. I'm just wondering, maybe superunicums have some tips to share that would give me a chance to reach for the next level.


About my playstyle:


  • I play mainly meds, mostly Type 59 for making money and training myself to play more tactically (Type 59 is relatively slow moving and slow aiming, you have to be calm and make good decisions to play it effectively), + some T10 meds (STB-1 is a recent favourite).
  • I play solo a lot as I feel it helps me become a stronger player with more carry power.
  • I'm quite aggressive, in many maps I try to rush to the position where I can spot at least that flank's enemy tanks so I know what I'm dealing with. Often I'm the first one to initiate pushes. This can and does backfire at times. My relatively low survival % reflects this (44% for the Last 1K games).
  • My WN8 is already a bit higher than my WR, proportionally. I'm feel there's not much leeway left without intentionally sacrificing WR% for WN8.
  • As many unica, my WN8 is much higher with light tanks, but I often don't like to play them because of the decrease in carry power compared to meds. Basically, my WR% suffers.
  • I use prem rounds as much as the next guy, meaning only when they are called for or at the end of the game where it might come down to 1-2 penetrations.


If necessary, I can upload some replays later. The best can be seen here, but they're hardly representative: http://wotreplays.com/uploader/erickHV/id/290255


Thanks a lot for your input and taking the time!





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