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8.5k dmg LOSS!

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Wow, EU pubs are dumb. We should import them to NA.


Either way, any reason why you decided to YOLO towards their cap after holding the flank? Probably would've had a better chance if you stayed more defensive.


With that said, you can't win 100% of your battles.

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Yay replay review. \o/


Stuff that could have made a difference:

8:30: You really need to just turn around after you clear a flank. Generally, pubs will split ~50/50 on pushing to your cap and rushing back to defend theirs. It is always easier to defend a cap and then work from there rather than pushing on an enemies, especially since they have a similar hp 140 already there. The bridges are especially easy to catch people in crossfires, so you really should have just stayed on your own ridgeline. Sorry to say, but that camping tort actually did have the correct idea.


Other than that though, it was excellently played. Well done and an incredible effort regardless.

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