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Mordheim: City of the Damned

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Hey all


In case you weren't aware, the folks behind the pretty good Blood Bowl PC game are working on a Mordheim game.


I bought into the Early Access a while ago and it's pretty neat.


They're now entering EA phase 3 and as part of that there's a 33% discount on EA until Friday the 6th of Feb.


If you like turn-based, squad-level tactical RPGs then you might enjoy this game, it's pretty neat,'


You can see more at http://focus-files.com/newsletters/2015_02_03_mordheim_joueurs/2015_02_03_mordheim_joueurs_bb.html


Also, I'm not sure why but Google seems to think Focus are sourcing a phishing attack, which is kinda weird. Pretty sure it's also not true :-)




Spoilered: Large images :-)




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Neat. I used to play GW table battles a lot when I was younger. I preferred the smaller battles (due to funds!) And of the intricacies of the battles. My all time favorite was Necromunda.

Mordheim I was told was the warhammer version of 40K's Necromunda. Had me interested, but at that time, my schoolwork and other activities took preference, so my interest died down. (also, Necromunda was dying too, a shame, I had a shit hot of Van Saars.)

Really interested if this proves popular. You wouldn't believe the ammount of customisation per person in your gang can have. If it works, it will be great.

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