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HBB's mid tier gameplay mentoring

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*elevator music*



Who am I?

I’m a McMaster University student enrolled in commerce. I’ve always been a procrastinator. Found a lot of games, played them, and moved on, but WoT sticks with me the most. I’ve been a part of other forum communities before this one, but I like this one the most because you can pretty much use profane language and the rules are fairly lenient here (minus arty sperging).  I can also use my sexy perry gifs here that otherwise wouldn’t be allowed on the official forums.


Who are you?

Chances are if you’re looking for help you chose me because I’m a shitlord you can relate to. Chances are you’re most likely the guy who takes a heavy on Lakeville in an encounter battle or does dumb shit by ‘protecting’ your artillery at base. Whatever the fuck you’re doing wrong I hope to break your habits. But if you made it this far in reading this is good because 70% of shitlords in-game couldn’t care about how they play. I don’t know if it’s really 70% but you get the gist.


What is my service about?

I am mentoring fairly new players looking to learn or old time players with bad habits by platooning with them in battle. This mentoring service is exclusively for mid-tier playing and up to tier 8s.


What are you required to have?

  • You are required to have at least tiers 5 (preferably as many tank types as you can like heavies, mediums, tank destroyers, light tanks, but NO FUCKING ARTILLERY). I refuse to play anything lower than tier 5 as the game is cancer in such low tiers.  I will mentor up to tier 8s.
  • You will not be required to have teamspeak. I don’t talk on teamspeak. Instead I type in platoon chat really fast. Oh did I mention you are required to know English? But I think you already know English if you’ve made it in reading this far.
  • You are required to have the appropriate consumables (ex. Extinguishers, med kit, repair kit). Last thing I want is playing with a shitlord who catches on fire and can’t do anything about it, or seeing a guy get tracked in an open field and can’t repair his track. Also what isn’t necessarily necessary but very essential to have is the proper equipment like gun rammers (pretty much on everything, etc.)
  • You need good internet connection. I don’t want to play with people who constantly ping out of the game. Although it occasionally happens to me if it happens to you a lot then I’m pretty sure clicking on uninstall000 solves this issue.
  • You need the right attitude and have a willingness to learn. No shitlords who have xvm installed and say ‘gg’ at the start of the battle because it’s a ‘30% chance to win’. In fact remove all or any mods you have. Mods are useless. If you want to become a better player learn to analyze your players without the use of xvm.
  • And last but not leastly… did I mention it yet? You are required to not platoon any artillery with me. You get the gist.

Before you start my services:

  • You are required to teamkill one artillery player as a sacrifice. I call it a fixed cost, as my services are otherwise free.

When am I available for these services?

Tuesdays 8:30AM-12:00PM

Weekends: TBA (to be announced)

Or sometimes random times... it depends. We can make arrangements.


Message me for more details.

*Currently in process of editing*

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In fact remove all or any mods you have. Mods are useless. If you want to become a better player learn to analyze your players without the use of xvm.


I might not use XVM at the moment but FFS, some mods are fucking vital

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Currently grinding several tanks tiers 5-8, will hit you up in game if you're up for it. Please help me get good to fix my tier 7 win rate.


PS - I run toolbox, camo, binocs on everything because I'm poor.

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