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The T69 research cost.

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So I was just looking around, and I thought the the XP cost of the T69 was a bit high. 118,000 xp compared to say the IS-3's research cost of 88,000 xp. This doesn't make too much sense. Why is there a 30k xp difference in-between a heavy and a light? The only other time I can remember seeing this is the Panther to the Tiger II. This is a crossbranch tier up, while T71-T69 is just a tier up. This doesn't make much sense to me, and I'd like to know why.



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Autoloaders typically have high research costs, I'm currently in the long grind between the 13/75 and 13/90.  I'm guessing it is because they don't have researchable turret modules.


WG's policy of balancing exp costs is kinda wonky, eg:  T25/2 to T28 Proto is 100K despite how they share few modules but T29 to T32 is the same and they share virtually all of their modules.

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The 13/90 to Lorraine grind is ridiculous. 198,000 experience. 

 Easy when the tank is fun, but the lorraine...




It begs for free Xp like gollum does for the precious

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