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Question about site (WOT) statistics and tracking programs

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I've been using the http://www.vbaddict.net/wot.php and wot statistics--they both include training rooms and CW in their statistics.


What do sites like WOTlabs use?  Pub games only?  No training rooms?  Its a bit tough to figure out as the stat sites only pick  up when WG updates, and that can be inconsistent.


I'd like to eliminate training rooms to keep better track of my progress if I could figure out how--ours tend to be no shoots run throughs and throwing a bunch of zeros that aren't intentional kinda flubs with the tracking of my progress.  So guess i really have 2 questions:


(1) How do I eliminate training rooms from wotstatistics and http://www.vbaddict.net/wot.php

(2) What battles do wotlabs/noobmeter include in your metric.


I want to make sure I can synch the two is the main deal--not looking to push an overarching change--just what I measure is what they measure...

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WotLabs and Noobmeter battles include:

Random Battles

Platoon Battles

Tank Companies

Clan Wars

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As to vBAddict, training battles are not included in statistics. For Clanwars, there are seperate statistics.

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