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Crew had 3.75 skills.

Commander with 5th sense, Bia, situa awareness and recon for max VR

all other crews had BiA, repair and camo with misc, loader has safe stowage.


modules are Vent+VS+Rammer.


Didn't use optics because as it turns out, M48 can push 485 VR with food and the crew skills, so i figured i would just push accuracy instead.

M48 can always fire a fully zoomed shot due to how good the gun handling is, but unfortunately the base accuracy of the gun is a crapshoot, so my build is basically to lower the accuracy as much as possible without throwing my VR into the crapper.

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You really really don't need optics on the M48, I found that out the hard way when I actually tried taking them off a while ago, and realized they pretty much did nothing if you throw on food.

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1 hour ago, KingYoshiLuca said:

Maybe you should not get shot in the back ? :serb: 

I get shot in the back because you're too busy camping the red line on EU. Not to mention the fatton is my only MT

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