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yea, I got 503m on mine, and dont even have the radio operator viewrange skill (because super pershing :doge:)

I dont use optics on mine, but I still have max view range :3 I have 5 skills on my patton crew and 2.5k battles. Should tell you how I got this. (And also first tank with 3 MOE!! XDXD)

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I dont use optics on mine, but I still have max view range :3 I have 5 skills on my patton crew and 2.5k battles. Should tell you how I got this. (And also first tank with 3 MOE!! XDXD)

I nearly got 7 skills because 4k+ Games in Super pershing :QBFlip:

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idk I just love the pattons. T-62A and T-54 make me feel like I could take on half the enemy team, and I play full potato in them for no real reason. When i hold back, the lack of gun depression is driving me nuts because I struggle with finding good hull-down positions that are not in arty dump range Also, gun depression. Tumor on the m48 is annoying as hell, but I personally don't feel it is inferior to the russians. Solo pubber - I couldn't care less about clan wars

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Ohai, I'm struggling mightily to get the M48 to perform. Anybody have any top tips for somebody who can get decent results out of just about every other tonk but the Fatton? 1629 WN8 in mine but like a 43-44% WR over 87 games. 1900 DPG.

I feel like I can't guard my hitpoints well enough to stay relevant. I try to snapshot all the things but I always end up getting hit, and at T10 you get hit hard. Is it a sniper? Is it a close-range peekaboo 2-for-1 trader? Is it a hill hugger? I dunno, I try different things and end up exploding no matter what. I have this suspicion that I get too heavily engaged without an escape route/plan and just die in place too often. But then again I've never felt like staying at range has paid off, either.

Protips pls.

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>be me

>in CT, trying out Fatton buff

>Himmels encounter, only me and and T-62A on the hill

>Run into IS-4, E5, and Waffle, and Tortoise


>Realize the overmatch a tad too late and fall back

>get shot to 400+hp

>get tracked in the open


>bounce a shot

>"ok, I got lucky"

>continue to bounce 90% of their shots

>die after a hailstorm of gunfire


>mfw i have no face

>mfw i see post-battle

>mfw i still have no face

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1 minute ago, no_name_cro said:

I'm tempted to just derp a lot in tier 6 strongholds and spam credits for Fatton now...


Will be such a joy to drive :frenchy:

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I was called a US FANBOI a few weeks back for saying it needed a solid buff back to the Pre-7.5 days. This is basically what happend. Feels so good to be vindicated for the last 3 years. Because this means without a doubt that the Fatton was sucking badly. They dont like to "ReBuff" tanks that were OP and nerfed. They only do it if its really bad at its intended role and TBH it didnt have a solid role anyways.

It was a generalist and by being so is in the toughest group in WOT with the 140/62s/50m and even the STB/Actionx Basically there wasnt a role that the STB couldnt do awell in but the STB had many things the M48 couldnt. STBs 6%More camo means great vision control and thats 50% if a meds role.

I took the M48 nerf s as a huge sign of Bias and or Retardation. Im so glad to see that they understood they broke the tank and it was fine before 7.5 .

The real issue was the 62a not being clearly better. They were in a dead HEAT as the 62 is still a laser with a hard helmet as well as almost double the camo. Literally It seemed to have been one of the more balanced times in WOT.

Also looking at the new M48/54 it is a straight animal. Great gun handling, E5 gun and more like heavy armor than med armor. It just confuses me why they would make that so great and then make the T96e6 a POS. They both should get same 120mm E6 turret, but look at them in armor viewer its a huge difference.

So heres hoping they finally just give in and give us the 60a1 and match the tanks as they shoud have been. It kind of bugs me we are in 1948 tanks vs tanks that out own M60a1`s inspired. Amx30, STB/t74 and many others to come were basically direct ripoffs that were then modified.  So the father tank to half the nato tanks is to advanced?

I am so ready for them to introduce new and fresh designs.This Buff + TVP Auto that has decent bloom etc is making me think WG is starting to turn this game around finally. I think AW is the best thing to happen to WOT in 3 years

Guys, now that they fixed UK and US meds what deserves loving? I hear 121 will get 2 degrees depression

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Played the M48 Patton couple games (finally moved a crew in there w/ the discount). I think the Patton being so big, they should at least make it a little bit nimble. CAX feels like a rocket ship compared to the Patton and it's smaller than the Patton.

Is the Patton just as nimble, just feels slow because it's so big? The DPM on this tank is nice, as it lets me brawl different tanks with the higher DPM (saved my a**). Seriously, the fatton is bigger than the T110E5.


Please give it a mobility buff.

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Get hyped faggots! Buff incoming!

@CandyVanMan start downloading WoT again. :doge: 

Fucking WG always going live with the good updates when I leave for work :feelsbad:


Have started playing wot again, holy shit I'm rusty atm.

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