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mouse senseitivity settings for shooting in non sniper mode

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Hello all again,


I  was wondering if anyone has played with the mouse sensitivity for when moving around to aim while using a medium tank. I currently have the t-54 and i have smooth ride, snap shot, vstabs to help. While the recticle is small is seems i can never get the gun to be where i think it is. I end up going into sniper mode or using auto aim for when im really flying around. However i am trying to break the sniper scope for every shot so i can snap shot more effectively. I have been playing with mouse sensitivity for my razer naga mouse and nothing seems to make it easier to get on a target. So any suggestions  so that i can have a easier time getting my gun on target for when i play peek a boom?


much thanks


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Tried disabling mouse DPI / Mouse Acceleration ? 


I left the in-game settings default and disabled mine along time ago, and i found snap aiming etc was alot more easier and i was spending way less time trying to align the aimer dot to were i wanted to shoot at






Turning off acceleration for other games

Note: if you prefer acceleration for media work or general usage, you may find this uncomfortable.


Some games do not feature raw input functionality, so it is important that windows is optimized for gaming. Go into the control panel, select mouse and go to the 'pointer options' tab. Place the sensitivity slider on the 6th bar and deactivate 'enhance pointer precision'.

The sensitivity (select pointer speed) slider can effectively cut out movements sent by your mouse. For example, if you place the slider on 3, Windows introduces a multiplier of 0.25, cutting out 3/4 of all information sent by your mouse. Not good at all. Enhance pointer precision introduces a non-linear acceleration curve. Even the few advocates of mouse acceleration would have you remove this.

Next you need all mouse acceleration gone from windows, this can be done with a registry tweak in windows 7 or bydownloading a program for windows XP, 7 and vista. If you use a Logitech gaming mouse there is a selection to use "Setpoint implementation" in the gaming tab, use this. You will also see "keep mouse acceleration" and "keep mouse speed", remove these. Be sure to add steam to the games list so gaming mode is always activated.






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