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This thread is for Q&A about the stats application R


This book is a really good way to get started


Get R, and the IDE - 'R Studio' here

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Why can't R use the same language as MATLAB? FML


I also managed to crash it trying to sort that huge dataset. I am assuming that tankid is defined underneath countryid when it comes to tank type?

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No. Ignore the tankid field in vbaddict data, the real WG tankid is called compDescr (or IDNum in some datasets)

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So if I sort by that I get all the data for the same tank?

Correct - for example, 13825 = T-62A


+ the code below produces those damage plots for all the tier tens

#import dossier data from csv file

dataMaster <- vbaddict_dossiers_2014.12.11

#apply 50 battle filter 
userTankStats <- dataMaster
userTankStats <- userTankStats[userTankStats$battles > 50,]
userTankStats$damage_dealt <- as.double(userTankStats$damage_dealt)
userTankStats <- userTankStats[,c("server", "userid", "compDescr","title", "type", "tier", "countryid", "battles","victories","damage_dealt","frags","spotted","defence_points","capture_points","survived","overall_battles","overall_winrate")]

# number of battles in dataset

#calc average stats
userTankStats$aWIN <- 100*userTankStats$victories/userTankStats$battles
userTankStats$aDAMAGE <- userTankStats$damage_dealt/userTankStats$battles
userTankStats$aFRAG <- userTankStats$frags/userTankStats$battles
userTankStats$aSPOT <- userTankStats$spotted/userTankStats$battles
userTankStats$aCAP <- userTankStats$capture_points/userTankStats$battles
userTankStats$aDEF <- userTankStats$defence_points/userTankStats$battles

#plot winrate vs average damage for all tier tens
w <- ggplot(userTankStats[userTankStats$tier == 10,], aes(x = aDAMAGE, y = aWIN)) 
w + geom_point(alpha = I(0.05)) + facet_wrap(~title)

(The first few lines just rename a specific dataset to the name I use for a dataset in every script)

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