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[AWFUL] is Recruiting

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The extra raft was just to haul those guys massive balls.

And seriously Turegum, you had to post that damn cat AGAIN??

I've seriously got the willies.

Close Cookie. The raft was a backup flotation device should their ballz become waterlogged in rough seas and threaten to swamp the capsule. This precaution, and several others, were instituted after Gus's huge balls, engorged with manliness after riding a giant fiery explosive phallus into orbit, swung into the hatch of his Mercury capsule upon splashdown. The explosive force knocked the hatch clean out and sank the capsule. Once the helo successfully attached the lifting cables to the Astronaught's nuts, the capsule could be carried to the carrier safely.  I learned a ton at that little memorial museum!

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Just gonna toss this in here, that cat looks oddly similar to the cat my roommate has. It's not shaved like that at the moment, but she's talked about doing it.

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My roommate has the bigger chest. She has brighter orange hair than my roommate. Roommate has a massive tree tattoo on her back. Overall, not bad.

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                                    Due to some, what turned out to be, very positive changes in my life I am no longer active or interested enough in the game to even haphazardly fail my way through commanding any type of clan. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to remain as a commander.

Not even in label for those shits and those giggles.


How I imagine you all feel... Just give it to me.

I have officially stepped down as AWFUL's Commander.


I'm out.

I will be passing the torch to the questionably-intentioned and capable _C00KIE.

I am happy to see the name and brand be carried by this man and am confident he will be able to lead AWFUL into further infamy and shame; as I would have done, except with less patience and more sand in the vagina.



I will still play poorly, as always, and call even poorerer on occasion.


I will still spew my ignorance and bad advice all over everything.

Have fun, be safe, love life, bang people effectively, get effectively banged back, participate in stuff, learn things, eat, do good, be well, and get some sleep.






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ofc this happens right as I finally rename to dirgd0rgAwfulCommander

"End of an Era" Knobby Sept 22 6:17pm Eastern Time USA,

Refering to my undisputed reign as poop master and "Super Shitter of AWFUL"

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"The story of dirtdoge's forsaking of us all. - By _C00KIE, esq."

At first I was like:


Then I was like:


Then I was like:


Finally I was like:


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