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how do you even wot, d00d ?

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Hey pals,


I just realized one thing, that drives me insane...


When I used to be a screb with 1-2k battles I played tenks that led to all nation´s heavies. Resulting in my M3Lee 57% WR, my

D.W.2 60% WR

Matilda 56% WR

Marder 2 67% etc...


The tnakz I love to play, or don´t mind to play these days with 5k battles and around 1400 WN8 all only got like around 50%

T-34-1 51% WR

Tiger I 50% WR

IS-2 53% WR (Hate the tank)

A-43 43% WR (!!!!)

KV-85 52% WR



-QQ bit-

I just fecking hate myself, because I realized, that I haven´t leveraged my gamplay a bit since I was a total newb to this game, when I always followed the tanks to obvious spots, because I thought it was the best way to play.

Now I´m trying to pick my own engagements, find my own spots to play, I got (to some degree) situational and map awareness, I got to know the game...AND I FUC*ING SUCK !

Can´t stand slow tanks these days and fast tanks kill me obviously.


I´m seriously considering I should stick to playing Hello Kitty, cause WTF 43% in a tank I´m currently grinding...Wai duai sawk so much kawk ?

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If noobmeter got it right, your grinding the a-43 ... any stock tanks are bad (unless your AOA or similar unicum) and it's quite possible MM and RNGesus will troll you .. keep in mind that at less than 100 battles in any tank each battle is at least 1% .. so to jump up/down goes quick


Hang in there, grind crew and modules and try to ignore wr to much :)

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First watch Zeven's youtube and streams. His relay reviews are awesome. 


Second find replays of the tank you are having issues with when it is bottom tier. Typically this is when you perform the worst. 


Last work on your survival rate. And no I dont mean hide behind arty or any other useless spot. If you are in a mobile med whether top tier or bottom you should be providing lights or damage almost all of the time. Learn to spot by barely poking your turret over while surfing ridges. Make sure you have the proper equipment, like coated optics, rammer and vents. 


But always strive to troll the enemy into missing you totally. If they bounced you did it wrong. Never trust armor. If you are alive longer, you will do more damage, you will affect the late game more and you will win more. 

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ok thx for replies, I´ll get into few...

A-43: I actually played it from stock (like turret + tracks to research rly) and I had 60% WR then it dropped to 56% when I got everything, now grinding towards A-44 and it dropped to 43% I basically just stopped caring and hope to get over it by any means.


To my most played tank or small sample - My favourite tank so far is the T-34-1 I can pull monster game with it at least once per day (1-3 games) like 2-3k dmg + 1-2k spotted I got 330+ battles with it and still 51% WR, that´s horrible imo. I can dish some serious dmg, just can´t win, even though the tanks looks like its suited for carrying, cause it can basically do a heavy work. I easily hold back push if I manage to get nice hulldown spot even in higher that T7 battle.


I incredibly struggle with map positioning and suffering from not trading HP efficiently, I usually get few hits without taking damage, but then start to struggle.


Watching youtube replays on pretty much every tank I play with, even watching zeven etc. but T10 streams don´t help me for shit, cause EU pubbies just rush u no matter the punch u pack.


Thinking maybe I should get one comfy tank and l2p with it, currently thinking about 416, 430 II or T-54 since I got no problem with shit depression and awkward tanks. Would go for Patton or anything in that line, but I don´t want to spoil myself with comfy depression too much.

Guess there´s rly nothing wrong with Hello Kitty :D

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From what I can gather, you felt like things were doing fine at low tiers then uped the tiers a bit and began to encounter some issues. Now you plan on advancing to tier 8 or 9 and learn the game there.


To get to the tanks which you consider, you have to go through the A44, which a large number of us have struggled with. After that you will get to the Obj. 416, which isn't the most newbee friendly of tanks. I think your path might cause you to get futher annoyed with this game :( 


From my some what limited experience in this game, I would recommend a different approach. Either go for the T34-85 and use it as a trainer. It is an excellent tank at it's tier and tier 6 is still somewhat forgiving. Otherwise I'd go for the Russian IS-line and learn how to carry by playing those heavies. Most of them are quiet good, and heavies are generally more forgiving, which easier allows for you to make mistakes and still be alive to recouperate. 


For streams I'd recommend Orzanel (EU) too. His has been playing the T34-85 quiet a bit recently, and should provide you with the required perspectives for you to succeed.

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Yeah, this is my second option. What I decided on right now, is I´m gonna force myself into some higher tiers to learn to play properly the hard way. Don´t think those rear turreted no depression guns are gonna give me any trouble...I can certainly play better with larger alpha, than better DPM.

Regarding  heavies, the thing is, those beasts are boring me to death. Since I had an opportunity to test the whole russian line IS-3/8/7 on my fathers account, I can tell that I´m not taking this approach, the only heavy line I´m planning on taking is 110 +111-1-4 and Tiger 2-E75. I know I could probably carry in them (I did with VK3001 and VK3601 pretty often) but I just don´t want to play them, cause its boring.

What is my honest feeling is that I simply used to win more because of my teams weren´t  failing me in the past. But everyone in here is gonna tell me it´s bullshit and I think so aswell, if I take a realistic look at it. Or it was much easier to carry in T4-6 meds/ heavies.

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Or if You really think, that I should play a heavy line to learn to play better, I´d rather concentrate on Chinese anyway, since they are a good bit more mobile, which suits me just fine, mmh ?

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